Encounter Surveillance System Rework and Dynamic Bounty Systems are now on Singularity

Howdy Space Cowboys,

You probably haven’t heard, but we have a little tweak coming out to the Encounter Surveillance System and a new system coming out called the Dynamic Bounty System.

Well, if you’re interested in what little ol’ CCP has been up to, good news! It’s now up on Singularity, ready to be used and abused by all of our very clever pants players.

For more information about what the new systems are and what they’re up to, check out the dev blogs linked below:

Remember to fly safe, bring a bagged lunch and don’t forget your sweater; it’s cold out in space.

Oh good. I’m sure everybody will be happy to see these changes.


We certainly hope so!

Did I see sarcasm just now?

And you hope they will tell you how they could abuse it, right?

No sarcasm at all; EVE players are amazing at finding holes and exploiting systems, it was one of the things that drew me to the game and the work.

As for hoping you’ll tell us, I can always dream.

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People are salty because balancing risk/reward means changing amount of reward and more risk. But I’m happy that CCP grown enough balls to simply test their ideas and fix them as we go rather than overthinking and brining nothing for years. And less old spaghetti code is always a step forward.


forced ESS = the worst idea since blackout
really fire who ever is responsable for it.
Not sure who thought it would be a good idea to tell pve-player to have to provide the content for pvp-player. I’m not sure why one player has to provide then content for someone else? Why is not the one providing, which wants the content?

I was happy to see the dynamic bounty allocation - that seemed reasonable. Although it also seemed to be at odds with the entire idea of null sec sovereignty.

I cannot even understand this ESS thing. It seems convoluted.

The basic breakdown of the new ESS system is that in systems with the ESS present, a portion of it is sent to the bank; if no one steals it, it’s paid back to you. However, if the jackpot gets juicy enough, people will try to take it and there will be many a gud fite for the loot.

There’s also a smaller reserve bank that doesn’t empty and just keeps building until someone tries to break into it with a key; that feature will open up a bit further down the road (to get those sweet sweet payouts built up… or something far more sinister? dun dun Duuuuuun!)

Hope that cleared it up a bit for you; once you play around with it a little, I think (hope) you’ll find it’s pretty intuitive.

The question everybody seems to have is what are those two percentages? The big-bank and the small bank.

if you intend to reduce ratting in 0.0 your mandatory ESS will succeed.
If you try to create more fights, you will fail.

but, I’m asking you again:
Why is not the pvp player providing the pve content for the pve player? If he wants the pve player to kill, he should attract him to get his content. Not the other way around

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You answered yourself:

This was and is the reason for me to cancel my subscription. Have fun with you fun killing ideas…

“clever pants players”? And who are you ccp kido?

are the Defunct Encounter Surveillance Systems going to be refunded, or we can use them to do other things ? thank you.

yea we rat when we have like 2 hours, and we need to keep online for another 3 hours to ensure we get the isk, CCPls play ur own game, stop using your cheat code to create ships and modules for your gm and ISD.

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CCP doesn’t play this game.

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