Have an idea for ESS(encounter surveillance systems)

I think the easiest way to address the broken mechanics for the ESS is to just name it properly.
Encounter Surveillance Systems should have their name changed to, “Elite Snowflake Safe Space.”
Don’t even change anything else.



bruh just fly at me one at a time so my nano comp can kill all your ships!

Agree… Every System Suffers

Are we all just going to ignore the fantastic content for solo players this introduces? Forcing people to defend their income, providing a deadspace pocket, afterburners and webs, lowering income a tad to reduce inflation, no ceptors, no capitals, I can go on!

The ESS is an absolutely fantastic machanic, and a great idea on the part of CCP. Well done, I say.

Why are you all against it? You haven’t given many reasons yet. Maybe you are all altposting. That would correlate with the first time posting within minutes or the OP.

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