ESS For the better?

Hey everyone,

I have been playing this game for over 10 years and have endured a lot of CCP’s mistakes, and have experienced a lot of the good times CCP has provided the community. This is my first time making a post like this and will either get a lot of support or a lot of hate for this post. Im hoping devs will read this and players will read this alike.

I have spent a lot of time in null sec (8 of my 10 years propably) but i have to say im not a fan of the ESS. There i said it.
But, Im not saying to completely take it out of the game either. Here is my proposition:

Remove them from each system in null sec and put 1 in 4 or 5 constellations per region, and each one controls the payout of these 4-5 constellations per region. Payouts not to dip below 70% but can be above 100%.
I believe with this configuration battles would grow and more people would be more inclined to go defend, without losing the appeal to go to null sec and have a good time.

Players love ratting in null sec. I believe the current ESS system has limited the players to what they have to do. Not bots, actual players. I myself love null sec and it was my “therapy” to sit in a carrier or some other ship and rat and listen to music while making a bit of cash and raising my sec status, and im sure most other null sec’rs would say the same thing.

But this is just my opinion. I hope that i am not the only one with this feeling. I hope CCP sees this thread and is urged to think about what they do, and how it effects actual people in this world and not just accounts.

Best regards,

Oh look another Frat character, how surprising.



Biggest MegaCoalition in the game made another thread complaining about how the ESS is hurting their precious iskies?

Good. Keep the tears flowing. May your bot empire and your one-sighted obsession with isk rest in pieces.

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There weren’t 33 months in 1989.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I mean yes, they didn’t like it, but let’s be honest here, MESS hurt players way more than it hurt bots.

The game would be so much better if they just removed all sovereignty mechanics and capital ships from it.


This one quote and I was like “he probably doesn’t play much far out of jita undock”.
One look at killboards, right again.

I am sorry to inform you that your opinion on the topic is therefore irrelevant.

“Make it easy for us by only having 1 system to defend so we can rageform 200 Muninns and delete smaller fleet content entirely”


I’m sorry for ganking your freighter. I hope you recover fully.

It’s okay, you failed. Ganking freighters is supposed to be idiot-proof, but you managed to fail anyway.

Well currently MESS is undefendable by any means. Of course a defender, human or bot, would like at least a chance to defend it, currently there’s none.

Seems a lot of people have missed the point of this post. I just think CCP wants to have their cake and eat it to. Removing ratting from the “Normal player” forces them to have to diversify in a specialized game. Specialization was part of the core of this game and now it seems that microtransactions and buying skillpoints is the core of this game.

Normal being risk averse RMT nullsec botters.

It is safe in highsec though guys. Fraternity should regroup at the risk-free SOE mission hubs and farm away.

Whats MESS? Im going to assume thats a typo

The hell do you mean ESS is undefendable? It getting defended is literally how it generates pvp, and nobody’s complaining ESSes dont generate pvp. I’ve been on a fair few NPSI ESS raiding fleets, and I can tell you if you stir up the right groups in the right timezone you absolutely will get a good fight

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Mandatory ESS aka MESS. The name fits too perfectly not to use it.

The timer is too short. Nobody can form that fast, unless staying pre-formed, and staying pre-formed is when nobody will take the bait, and also not doing any pve, thus pointless. Hence 100% undefendable.

It doesn’t. I have not had a SINGLE fight on MESS. Never got the chance.

Why complain about something it simply doesn’t do?

How long do you usually stir? 40 minutes? 50? How many undefendable MESSes do you clean up before someone has a chance to form?

Really mate, if the timer is below 11 minutes, then nobody in the whole new eden would be able to defend it, unless pre-formed, in which case you don’t need to defend it, because you’re not filling it up sitting pre-formed instead. 11 minutes would be bare minimum, and it should forbid another attempt for 30 minutes when you do, because slippery ■■■■ would troll the MESS forever and there’s no way to get rid of it other than camping that MESS until payout, which also means you can’t pve.

The fact that you need to be in the right place, in the right timezone, and actively “stirring” instead of snatch’n’run, means that MESS generates ZERO content, because you might as well be “stirring” with entosis or just random ■■■■■■■■ roam. Thanks for proving my point.

No one could possibly prove what you are extrapolating.

Oh look, more krab tears.


Joke’s on you, I haven’t undocked once in 8 months.

I was repying to the OP you fking vegetable lol

Omg you dont even know how to read notifications properly lol

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Regardless of its defend-able or not i think ratting was violently mistreated in the eyes of an actual paying sub character. I don’t have an issue with PVP and don’t have an issue with getting harrassed during ratting, because i can pay attention to local. Its more of the fact that no matter where you are in null sec people that want to plex their character have an even harder time doing so without the ratting being a viable source of income. I believe that has turned a lot of potential paying customers away from the game. AS I SAID, im not advocating it being removed, im saying maybe a solid balance needs to happen.

And they do that all the time away from where you want to be. For good reason.