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Dear CCP,

I tried the new site on sisi today. I am disappointed in how loveless and uninspired the implementation is.
First off after deploying the structure I get to wait. Ok.
Then another timer starts, and I get to wait some more. Huh?
Rats warp in, I shoot them. Right back to waiting.
Some more Waiting. And then more rats, afterwards, right back to waiting.

Do you see what is wrong with that?

This is like mining. You wait for for the thing to end. No way to speed it up? No way to PLAY the game better? Try it differently? No. Just wait around for the time to be over.
I am sorry but this is not exciting gameplay. In fact it barely qualifies as gameplay.

It doesn’t matter how well this pays out. Or how the loot is balanced. Or if the bounties are good or bad.
At its CORE the GAMEPLAY is BORING. Noone wants to be bored playing a game. Wating around is not gameplay.

I will be going back to running abyss. Because that is engaging. Thinking about what to do is required. Analysing the room and making decisions. You know? Gameplay!

Thank you for reading,
Please go back to the designboard with this glorious idea, and make it so I don’t have to sit there and do something else half the time when playing your game.


That sounds like a good point. However, there is an official feedback thread. So, you might want to mention it there.

looking at hoboleaks the full mechanics havent been patched onto sisi and we are missing half of it which is where the system interference comes in… typical ccp fuckery

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