Crab Beacon changes

I think it’s cool that y’all are buffing the sites and heard the devs say they would like people to run them more. In my opinion you will never have them become even remotely popular until you remove them from the map.

For anyone that doesn’t know you can simply click on the map and see the systems they are being run in at any time. This shifts the balance of risk extremely far to the side of the hunters. Smaller groups like the one I’m in cannot fend off the 60 bombers that pour through a thera hole somewhere in your region and dunk you.

I will not interact with them so long as they function in this manner. You expect me to put 6 billion isk on the field for less than a billion in rewards and have it broadcast to every single person in the entire game? No thanks.

What is a crab beacon?

Concord rogue drone analysis beacon. It’s a deployable combat site that is meant for caps.

its intended for others to warp to it, thats why it was an exploit to make it where others couldn’t jump to it.

Yea. It being on the overview when you’re in the system so you can warp to it is great. It’s being on the map that I don’t like.

CCP wants crabs to die. Visible beacon is there to generate content as CCP wants.

Because gankers are too stupid to scan you down?

*Asking for a friend…


I don’t think you understand the point, or are being intentionally ignorant.

CCP said they are not happy with how many crab beacons are being run. They want people to run more. This will never happen as long as you have them listed on the map. (for me anyway)

You can want crabs to die all you want. You can want content so you want. But as long as the scales are tipped so far into the favor of the hunter the crabs are never going to run them. No content for the crab means no content for the hunter. It’s a very simple principal.


yeah once i realised that crab beacons were on the map… I didnt bother.


You or few others who are afraid, will not run them, few others will, and with more rewards, more can be lured to that. CCP is not thinking about you specifically, but about a group in which there are many different people, with opinions different, in different locations and different corporations.

It was never about safe isk generating, and never will be. The risk can be minimized, but not removed entirely. The visibility of it on the map seems to be ok for risk/reward ratio, if they dont change that at all.

Who exactly are you to dictate who the devs were talking to? I don’t think you get to decide who they were talking about either. Do you work for the company?

The risk cannot be minimized or reduced unless you are running these things under the protection of a super cap umbrella. Something which CCP has also stated they don’t like. For smaller groups like mine you simply can’t have a reasonable level of safety to run these things with them on the map, period.

They are already on your overview the second you warp into a system. That is enough. Do you run them yourself? Can you even fly a cap? Do you live in null sec? On what basis is your opinion formed?

Something else I’m extremely tired of is you people harping on about “safe” isk generation. The only damn people that have that at all are those in high sec that spam t5 abyss every single day. You want to cry about safe isk? Go harp on them.

That actually shocked me, I know that I have been going on and on and on about most people having no idea how to hunt and the game being made easier and easier for people to blow others up, I have always hated that free intel on the damn map, but this is beyond a joke, seriously dumb, CCP have excelled themselves with this little chestnut…

Isn’t that true of most of the stuff listed in The Agency, too?

Some would try to argue that for sure. Personally, most of the things in the agency don’t bother me much. They are not as blatant as the beacon and only provide general information.

CCP probably designed the crab beacon to be a good way to blow up some of the remaining capital ships - now they are disappointed that it isn’t working.

It blows my mind that the amount of people that are running keep doing it. If it changes I’ll give em a shot for sure. Have ran a few on sisi and they are pretty fun.

You can still do it. But you dont want to, Even when the rewards will be bigger?

Lets just say you are a risk awerse person, and maybe you should play in high sec like you said, that its safer. Then I wish you good luck avoiding ganks in that blinged ship doing abyssals. or that marauder you could buy to feel safer.

You leave out “reasonable level of safety”. It’s not even worth trying to talk with you at this point.

OOOOHHHHH. So it’s like the thumpers in Dune to call the worms.

Cool, guess that means they aren’t designed for you then :stuck_out_tongue:

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