Homefront inspector or just recycled gankers

Found these guys and this was copied from Reddit

( Homefront Operations Enforcement Services (HOES) are pleased to state that we have mastered the fitting requirements in our top of the line Federal Navy Comets, complete with police skin.

What the OP doesn’t understand is that we offered them a license to operate unhindered as the law states fleets for Homefronts need to be done with at least one licensed individual.
They unfortunately refused so our inspection team was forced to escort them and provide a licensed individual.)

Only way I can think to stop them is ganking their comets, now I’m sure our beloved gankers aren’t going to oblige.
It’s a very ganker type thing to do don’t you think . Anyway any ideas .

Love their idea , as eve is a sandbox and they found an angle to manipulate a system , I’m sure CCP would have known this and built in a counter to it , we just need to find it that’s if you object to them seagulling .

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I’m confused, are you salting because you want us to gank your target for you?

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Sorry if your confused and no I’m not salty ,I’m pleased something new has opened up and it would be nice if players could think of a work around before CCP is forced to change the game because of people crying, which some have started to do .

You know I hate nerfs and it’s up to players to stop things themselves.

Hereticcoffee seems to be playing this well and found an entertaining niche for himself.

I literally just started doing it as a test to see if it could be done and the salt generated was too good to pass up.

I do however welcome any attempt to counter our Gameplay.

One of the nice things about our top of the line comets is that they are effective and affordable. 2 inspection sites and they are paid for, plus they can tank an entire Black Market Raid.

I appreciate the levels of recognition this is having though, way more than I expected my weekend salt mining would generate.

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Indeed it’s an interesting concept, I just hope you have your relevant permits from Safety and if they don’t have a permit to cover your work, I’m sure Aiko will knock out a meaningless permit in no time . :hugs:

While we respect Princess Aiko and her sovereignty over the issuance of mining permits, HOES operates under Licensures and not permits.

All Safety. members are granted an honorary Inspectors License upon request in recognition of their years of exceptional work in High Security Space.

HOES is a licensed subsidiary of the High Sec Police (HSPD). In cooperation with The Wormhole Police WHPD in an effort to bring justice to everywhere a wormhole has touched, will touch, and is touching.

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I thought I could smell cheap whiskey, jazz and corruption

He runs a carebear server full of PvE and creative mode build mods.

You really should cut down sweetie.

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Can someone explain in easy language for a guy who is not using reddit what this topic is about? Who does what exactly? :confusedparrot:

Lazy you are

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They’re role-playing for their PvE content.

There’s a topic?

Ewwww Gross!

I also run a PVP No Rule Server for 7d2d, its just a lot less popular.

That’s YOUR fault, because you enable the carebears by giving them the option to grind, instead of telling them NO and forcing them to fight. :rage:

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