3 lifes in the Arenas?

I have this idea, to provide three lifes per ship entering any of the 1VS1 pvp Arenas filaments.
The idea is simple. Once you lose your ship, you got other two identical fits to try again.
So it kind of give more reasons to invest in a ship that will get destroyed most of the time…

It would be a new feature, kind of Arcade approach to these tournaments.
It would definitely boost the interests in doing this type of content.

Why not buy 3 identical fits?

How do you plan on handling drops from that? Can I go in with as many shinies as I want and try and dupe them?

so let me introduce you to what pvp and what eve is…

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yes I know, but there was a moment in history when Orbital bombardment and arcade 1PS was a thing… It was nothing like a Cyberpunk table/strategic game, which could have had some success in the Eve players base, not 1PS, but it’s just a view of what could be an evolution to the events system, maybe minigame style, IDK…

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