New PvP Path pls CCP


Hello CCP team and friends of FORUM. EVE Online became a boring game and so after years of experience I did not want to leave friends.
For this reason I will give an idea to CCP to revolutionize the PvP of EVE Online. (It would be good if I win something for this wonderful idea);

Good c’mon there! Imagine in EVE Online a PvP where you do not lose anything if you are killed in a combat … It would be wonderful because you would become more experienced and would learn how EVE Online ships and equipment really works.

We live copying Fits and we rarely use them and we get hundreds of ships stacked and stopped in the hangars. Now imagine if the CCP creates a combat arena system similar to the existing WHs in the game.

But besides going to a solar system nomade it would take you to a system with a black hole in the place of the star and without planets and without moons.

It would have several sizes of WHs where small ships would enter the small WHs to the capitals in the very large WHs. Once inside you would not lose your ship if it were killed and in the local chat could only be seen the leading capsule of the PvP arena.

You being shot your ship would return to your home station together with you. Everyone in the system could not reach 10 AUs near the black hole.
With each AU closer, the greater the force of the black hole and less than 1 AU would be fatal.
If your ship was swallowed by the black hole you would lose the ship and the capsule.
The wreckage of the downed ships would remain in the system but would be dragged into the black hole.

The end of the Arena would be the closing of the WH door. As soon as it closed it would open again in a new solar system and the leader of the arena would be with the collected items and LP reward points from the arena PvP.
But if he were shot down he would lose everything even leaving the WH by the new door.

The collected LPs and equipment would be part of his scrap in the space from which he left if he were unlucky enough to be shot. That would be for Area WHs Capital Large and Medium.

In these WHs you could jump on a target without scanning it and could not use invisibility features. So we would have a place to have fun with PvP without whining.

I’d like to see it on EVE.


if you want risk free pvp just to practice and try out new fits etc. just use the testing server, just about everything short of super-capitals is available there practically for free. fit out whatever kind of ship you want, get some friends together, blast and repeat.


If you don’t become more experienced from losing ships now, this would so absolutely nothing. There would be no risk involved. You’d take every fight and would learn.

In Eve, as in life, there are risks. There are consequences for every decision. Removing the consequence from the pvp decision does no one any good.

Stop being risk averse. Stop thinking you should get a prize for a half baked idea.

Just stop

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No, go away.




NO, ■■■■ OFF!!


There is already a place like this it’s called the test server (Serenity) try it pvp there a bit, it is fun and you learn but you will soon realize that when you loose nothing and risk nothing it becomes very boring, still good for practicing thou.

The only part I agree with in this post.

EVE is a harsh mistress, if I can lose ships and suck it up, everyone can.

Everything is dirt cheap on the test server and there’s no non-consensual pvp.

No thanks Mr forum alt.

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OP please don’t take this serious…

For some people in this forum just their agenda which says NEW = BAD counts.

In their eyes we should have a reroll to the 2003 status and they’d be happy as f.

Regardless of the fact that time goes by since then and the mmog market has changed and players have other needs today,they would be happy to play with their maybe 1000 other friends inside their 2003 bubble 'til the server goes down because nobody besides the 1000 plays this game anymore…

They don’t WANT to see a change in the approach a mmog must have because the players want it…2003 is what they want and they bite off ANYBODY that tries to show them those ugly ugly reality outside of their bubble…


OP - the “bittervets” like the old EVE. Nothing strange about that - they’ve done very well from “old EVE”. There are civilized gamers among them of course, but collectively they’re a bunch of entitled forum-screamers lost in a fog of delusion and denial.

My recommendation: since you have a specific suggestion for improvement, completely ignore any response that’s not polite. If you respond to the screamers, they’ll just try to draw you into the fog with them, and they have many years of experience at this - the thread will get derailed.

Read and reply only to polite, reasoned responses. If you get some, the discussion will move forward.

BTW this post doesn’t count as being sufficiently polite and reasoned for you to respond to either :slight_smile:

Im gonna be the devils lawyer and point out that amar has a small dueling community. Most of them are newbros who are trying to learn how to solo pvp without being forced in to gatecamps and blobs.

This community has been around for years and has always remained small in numbers because of the obvious issues of the dueling system.

You misunderstand… a bad idea is always a bad idea. The whole point of Eve is to lose ships.

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Then go away!

No, not just no F NO!!

How can someone have so many stupid ideas in one post?


Nope, in this case it is BAD BAD BAD!


OP; Many of the longer-term players of EvE are actually not leery of changes to the game simply because they just hate all change. On the contrary, any vet still playing EvE has rolled with a huge amount of change already. Vets have seen CCP have great visions, but then water them down and implement them…“problematically”.

The thing about changing EvE to where there would be no loss would be to change the fundamental principle the whole game is built on. It would not be the same game. It is puzzling why some wish to see EvE changed to be like other games that already exist. Why not go play those games if that is what is wanted?

The idea of arenas is similar in that it goes directly against the fundamental principle of EvE being a one-shard open world game.

These things have been discussed a lot over the years, to say the least. That is why your ideas elicit strong reactions.

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Balos, shut up.

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LOL, idiot.



First this person stereotypes and labels everyone she doesn’t agree with then she calls for everyone she agrees with to be POLITE.


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