CCP, I think we need a PVP mode

Last month, Skillurself quit the game, which shocked me a lot :anguished:. Looking back at the one-sided Northern War, the large number of bots and scripts that never cleaned up all, the long idleness during the war, the constant loss of veteran players in my crop, and the terrible loss of newbees last month, I know, it’s time to make some changes. We know that from the first day of the game’s sale, PVP is the biggest part of players’fun. Who doesn’t like pvp? But the lengthy hanging skills and complex game economy system make it very difficult for a player from set his character to get enough skills and ships to enter the state of pvp. I think, without affecting the main idea of the game, can we develop a PVP model and build a server for it?
My suggestion is:

  1. Develop the arena mode: Players can choose 5v5, 10v10, 20v20, even 50v50, 100v100, etc. to match and balance the ship types by you, so that players can enter the same galaxy and fight happily. Just like dota, players can fully enjoy the fun of PVP without worrying about skills, so they will recall Some afk players back and attract a large number of new players, new players can also use this mode to familiarize themselves with ships, weapons and operations.
  2. Develop a fast-paced PVP interstellar campaign model: Take the existing map, develop a positional warfare model, that is, each galaxy can be sovereign and occupied like tranquility, and there can be no high sec NPCs just PVP between players. Each Galaxy adopts a system of sovereignty.One side wins three victories, it will gain Galaxy sovereignty, so simple. The size of PVP can be determined by you, but sovereignty warfare must be fun.
  3. Reward mode: Although in order to ensure the integrity and independence of tranquility, PVP mode must not be directly related to the any existing server, but I think it can be awarded by winning sovereignty (such as skill injector?) The way to motivate the winning players can also activate the tranquility appropriately with the least impact. To avoid the loss of new players due to too long hanging skills (how many people are AFK because they can’t wait?)
    These models don’t even need to expand the universe, develop new spaceships, or even rack your brains to balance the economy. Just open an extra server, copy and streamline the data, and make a good interface for our Capsuleers.

Alternative PvP games set in the Eve Universe that used the same art assets and lore? Sounds like what CCP should have done all along to broaden their player-base, instead of mangle their flagship product chasing the mainstream dollars.

To be fair, they did pull off the minor successes of Valkyrie and Dust, and I guess Gunjack, but it does feel like there was so much room for better execution and trying a MOBA or modern Battle Royale arena-style game set in New Eden. Probably not now though - it’s likely too late.

I mean, that clearly was the plan back in the day… remember that keynote when Valkyrie was announced and they teased how your one character might play in all their games? It just didn’t work out.

But let’s hope we get a new game or two sometime soon. I mean, Hilmar did after all promise us three new games on stage at the 2018 Fanfest, and two of them by the end of last year. Nova and War of Ascension never were released and are seemingly cancelled for good, which sucks as they were new gameplay, while the Chinese mobile clone seems on track, but will just be an inferior clone to what we have on Tranquillity. Hard to get excited about that.

It’s kinda inexcusable that so few games in the Eve universe have made it to market in the last 10 years. I think we will get some more, but the scope of what is possible shrinks every year. Still, i’ll +1 your OP. More Eve games would be good.


Hell. No.


I don’t get it. Out of curiosity, no economy? How do people acquire the ships to take into battle on a purely PvP server? Players get a monthly stipend of 1 billion isk from their sub? Or ships cost nothing, free ships as long as you’re skilled for it? And balancing PvP based rewards can be tricky as that could be gamed. Kinda goes to show just how linked PvP and PvE are on Tranquility at least.

I still think they should have more events, or even contests on sisi. It wont help them in tranquility, but boy could they learn more worry free.

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For my part, Eve was this. I used to log in and fight. That was all I did.

You can’t do that anymore, it’s been removed as a playstyle.

I spent my time in a frigate, flipping cans and scuffling with anyone who was willing to shoot back.

Back then, noobs were subjected to PvP as soon as they left the spawn systems. And the career systems were a hotbed of scuffles and strife.

Just going to a career system was exciting. There were fights on ststion and on the gates. Fleets were smacktalking each other in local. It was intense.

But to quiet the bleating of the “its not fair” crowd, the organic organizations, strife, and gritty characters of Eve were regulated out of existence.

Now noobs have nowhere to experience casual low effort PvP against other noobs…

With the introduction of T3 ships, the buffing of the faction boats, and now the trig boats…the viability of fielding t1 ships dropped., furthering noobs from trying PvP because they can’t afford to lose that type of boat.

CCP has worked hard to stomp out the high-sec pvp’er. Now they’re gone. Now what?


PvP is now dead. EvE is now dead. I agree with you all %100. This drifter crap is ridiculous.

I’m sure you will be leaving this now stupid, terrible game. I’m sure I will be following you out of this broken waste of a “game” very soon.

Until my imminent departure from this silly mess that used to be a good game, I would gratefully accept any isk or things you might graciously give me on your way out. If you have anything you’d like me to do with your stuff when I leave this idiotically-run disaster (which will be pretty soon I’m thinking - I dunno how much longer I can put up with ccp) just drop me a note with the contract.


Not sure about ops ideas 2bh although I would love to see more games set in the eve universe.
Not sure how many here played dreadnought but I remember thinking it would have been cool in an eve setting if done right.

I think two things put people off pvp these days.
Long skill grinds make a lot of new players feel like they can’t compete.
And those long grinds for isk make them averse to losing anything especially alphas who grind to plex.
I would suggest improving isk making in hs this would give people more isk to play with and should generate more content.
Follow that up with improvements to ls to make it more worthwhile taking the risk for better isk.

How about CCP just focus on fixing their core mechanics instead of making for focking theme park rides…

I like the idea of more pick-up-and-play game modes.

I don’t believe they should have that great of an impact on Tranquility when it comes to wealth or power, but I would really appreciate being able to log in for an hour, and playing a couple of short pvp matches in 5-10 minute chunks.

I really enjoy the solo pvp aspect of EVE, but as it is now, I have to dedicate 2-3 hours to roaming nullsec and maybe at best, find a VNI ratter, run into a gatecamp, or just get tackled and have a cyno lit on top of me.

Anything that can be done to help package the eve gameplay experience into shorter chunks without requiring that i be an unemployed college student neglecting real life would be great.

Go to any busy system and ask for duels if you really want a 1v1…

No need to build new infrastructure, waste time and resources when the options are already in game.


While great fun, its sadly not what we joined up for. Just 3 out 20 left now…

Before the crime-watch mechanics, you could PvP in a frigate in highsec and have a blast… and many did.

Once I found this style of gameplay, i only left a frigate if someone undocked something I needed a bigger ship to kill.

You could flip cans (which allowed the Corp you flipped to attack) and carry limited aggro in that way.

Or you could bait and others flippers could toss your can for a fight.

In those days, because you could generally control engagements… a 5 mil SP noob who was specialized in frigate combat could be a dangerous guy and could fight in generally equal terms with senior players (because he could choose what ships he was willing to fight).

The changes since then have pushed everything into n+1 mechanics and eliminated the ability to force your opponents to fly what you can fly well.

Damn shame, they were the best PvP entry for noobs in my opinion. I used to log in before work for 30 minutes and get a couple fights on Akiainavas station… there were always baiters there in T1 frigs looking for fights.

We eliminated that playstyle to “save the noobs”, ironically.


I legitimately specialized in this.

The problem is that the mechanics crushed this style of play.

Therefore, the people who are left don’t know how to do it and don’t see it as legit gameplay.

Before I unsubbed, I spent many days duel spamming, offering wagers of isk for duels, can flipping, etc…

It’s almost impossible to find someone to fight these days.

But the players of today don’t know how to fight in frigates and their lack of familiarity manifests as fear.

They won’t take a fight, and if you do get a fight, they’re so unskilled that it’s the literal equivalent of clubbing a baby seal.

Fact is, Highsec doesn’t have fights anymore on enough of a scale for people to even think they’re normal gameplay.


The bots, miners and afk ratters are coming back to Highsec. It’s a good thing.

Me, I stink at it and always lose.

(Regarding the removal of local in null and the expected result as it impacts the wealthy elite of null)

Their end as a wealth parade is certainly positive for the game.

I’m assuming they’ll quit en-masse once they no longer feel like elite wealth barons and they’re only able to parade around highsec in the absolute security they are accustomed to.

That comes at a cost… but it will be good for noobs who will be more competitive financially.

While this will make null much more attractive to people who want to play and generate content, I don’t see that this alleviates the major game issue of stagnation in highsec (which remains the population center).

+1, great change. Now give us some visceral grudge and crime mechanics like can-flipping used to be to wake highsec back up.


And that is my point. Noobs cant wait the skills complete and the bigger and bigger risk of blow the frigate ship which they’ve spent all their isk.
So, why we don’t let noobs immersed in PVP quickly and willing to play more for fun? And I think if they take a lot of fun from that mod and, get some reward then they’ll have a try to live in real sandbox game in tranquility.

If I am a noob in the game , I found it would take several moths to accumulate skills and earn enough money to fit a ship to avoid be crushed by a veteran, I think I would be 1 of 20.000 quit guys.

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