Battle of the Bricks discussion

It’s all just pixels, but I for one see no loser here regardless of the outcome of the competition. We’re going to see a lot of great talented people doing what they love and getting our favorite spaceships in block form. Looking forward to everyone’s submissions!

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There was a discussion on this already

I had read on the other thread about this and had learnt that one pilot submitted a blown up Retriever Mining Barge as their entry.

I feel that if I were to enter the contest I would just like to be the frozen corpse floating in space who had once owned such a wonderful mining barge, @Destiny_Corrupted

Why there is no thread with photos/pictures here unlike Star Citizen forum? Or there will be once results are announced? Would love to see all the entries (and no, you dont get me browsing social network websites for that).

There isn’t an official discussion on our forum, I posted a discussion along with the link about it, then the person above decided they had to create their own topic.

@Lunatic_Lover CCP is having the files sent directly to them.
and after its completed etc they most likely will share the images here for judging etc.

Ok, as they say, “let’s wait and see”.

On a side note, i wonder if such topic could be reborn by those who are now active:
Lego Models of Eve Spaceships - Communications Center / General Discussion - EVE Online Forums

he could ask for it to be reactivated.

or you could continue the discussion here

Yeah I just wonder if we still have “active” fans of both eve and lego nowodays :slight_smile:

I just found out that you can export models from BrickLink Studio into Blender or something to add space, stars, planets etc. etc.

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