Eve vs star citizen


Oh good. Another way for CCP/PA to extract money from simpletons.

Whatever works, I guess.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


What a match made in heaven …

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Yeah the EVE team adore LEGO® might but stepping on a piece while trying to feed the crying baby a bottle and you find end up screaming louder than the baby at 4 in the morning.

Yeah Lego does not bring back good memories for me to want to adore.


They prefer the digital versions

Perhaps one day we also might prefer digital babies.

/To finish my short story above. I once moved in with a person who had a baby and I use to refer to that devil in that room as “The Baby”

My submission is just a pile of vaguely Retriever-colored pieces that have been smashed with a baseball bat and then passed through a few cycles of a Blendtec blender.

It’s a model of a ship that was destroyed by sociopathic griefers in a poor excuse of a video game that allows something so reprehensible and amoral to occur.

I hope I win, as I really need that Omega prize after ganking scumbags destroyed my entire net worth in just 19 seconds of shooting!


Look if you didn’t waste your omega funds on some overpriced blender then you also wouldn’t be worried about losing your entire New Eden wealth in one act of violence such as losing that retriever you mention.

Not this ■■■■ again.


Easy, just don’t step on the lego piece!? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smirk:


Also imagine if instead this event was about the Battle of the Brisc. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I don’t think it’s a fair challenge, they have way more spare time since they don’t really have a space game to play!


Brisc Rubal for CSM?

I mean it involves a charity stream and they are giving away prizes without an entry fee, not sure how they are trying to extract money from you, hell you don’t even need an active account


Was thinking more along the line of something like this…

…just with him at the helm of the supercarrier. :wink:

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There can be only one winner.


jesus did you make this?

No, its from past years by someone else, there was a lot of designs of lego ships thru the years.

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As I looked at that zkill I actually said out loud “What the hell” after seeing it was lost in 1.0

More like “what the Hel” :wink: :smirk:

Btw it was an event I was also able to participate as well with my main, though the lag was real with that many people on grid but it was fun nevertheless.

Whack-a-Bot - 20 September at 16:30 UTC

In this fan-favorite event, Capsuleers discovered using CONCORD-prohibited automated piloting technology will be dragged into Yulai, ship and all, where countless players will be sitting in wait to tear them apart!