What happend to the ship contest

what happened to it and if they bring it back will it help the game?

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Do you mean the Lego-build thingy or something else?

were people would submit ship designs and ccp would pick a winner from the ships and add it to the game

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Do you have a link?

I have never heard of such a contest.

this is just the best link i have accesses to but here the mention it

though it was on devart and was years ago


Ah, that has been a while ago.

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yeah and it drew players in so why don’t we see it come back

2011? That means it should be done sometime next year, give it take half a decade.


I think CCP implemented a few ship designs from that contest into the game. If I remember correctly, the ABC (Oracle, Talos, Naga, Tornado) are based on design entries from that contest.


if you go to the link it shows that

Still sooner than the release of ScamCitizen though. :wink: :smirk: :innocent:


though if this game dies i’m hoping over to that game

That’s all fine. I have nothing against people who support, play or just like that game… or plan so in the future. I simply have my observations about its creators and their intentions… especially the head of the company.

As of late the creator of that game has absconded with over 750 million USD in funds and still in pre-alpha.

This is offtopic here but btw yeah I think I’ve heard that mentioned in one of the gaming related news videos on one of the gaming channels I frequent. Don’t know what to say because it is people “donating” their cash fuel this so it is beyond comprehension for me. :thinking: :sweat_smile: :facepalm:

Player designed ships are the future of EVE!
Also there are o lot of hulls and designs that are not available to players even now. Like Jovian ships, drifter ships, talocan ships, some pirate ships and some triglavian ships. And even some CCP ships. They could become available, just saying.

Just imagine the new Imicus designs people will come up… but whether you will find them beautiful or the opposite will depend no your taste. So if you hate the current design then imagine something even more ugly as a potential end result. :wink:

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