Ship Racers

The latest Alliance Tournament was awesome, but how about this…
Take the shuttles (example only) and create an “in game” racer where you can outfit one for pure sub-light speed. The idea is then to compete in organized Eve-Racer pylon races where all competitors have shuttle class ships and any such races could be set up in any sector. There could even be prizes if it became popular. I know I’d love to make a racer and try my hand at it. Beats mining and I’ve already become the fastest at running from gankers. Lol.
Would also be a good spectator sport where people come come and watch (no shooting). Just a thought.

Only if I get to be the Tuskan Raider off to the side popping railgun shots at you at turn 3

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Eve is a sandbox. Build the track using mobile structures as gates, advertise the event, post the rules, enforce it, and make the content yourself. This is eve. That is what you do.

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So basically mariokart + starwars. I approve

I’m still kinda too new to set such a thing up myself. I only really just found out the shuttles cannot be modded (you can’t fit them with modules), so was thinking the “racers” would be say… frigate class, from all the main empires but equal as stock ships, then people can mod them in their individual ways. I guess the guys from Eve could even come up with some racy skins if it gets a following. Racing stripes? Numbers? Lol

Still… new though I am, I will try to ask around for advise upon setting such a thing up. As you say… Anything is possible in Eve. :slight_smile:

this was done several years ago , by a corp dedicated to frigate racing . eve radio covered and help sponsor the races . it was quite popular until an organizer fleet warped the entrants to an off-grid racing course , which turned out to be an active Recon 3/3 and many expensive frigates were exploded … :rofl:

For those who do not know, recon mission 3 of 3 is a fairly simple mission where you have to fly to a target and use that gate. There are no NPC rats. However, there are waves of area effect damage that get progressively worse. One or two waves can easily pop an unprepared frigate.

Fits would have to be regulated to avoid ganking or expensive kills. It would all came down to who flies better, not faster.

EVE is not designed to be a race game unfortunately and it can cause some issues when it comes to skill that can be demonstrated.

About attractive ooks I will not say enything beside that it would need some camera locking for better speed simulation effects when flying. Tight passages, cornering with graphical effects, things passing by at great speeds would be needed. Maybe asteroids racetracks. Ideally the races would need specially designed tracks.

I agree. My idea was to have pure frig racers where every module was dedicated to getting the most speed possible. I suppose it would have to be a CCP sanctioned thing where these specialty peeped race-frigs would only be used on race circuits where shooting them was discouraged at best.
And I once was told… “Eve is anything you want it to be”. :slight_smile:

It’snot just fits. Implants too or one person sneaking in a set of hi grade snake implants would beat most anyone else.

As for ganking… Not so sure about that. Obviously limit modules to T1, low meta, and t2. No dead space, faction, or officer mods allowed. Once you do that, ganking should be easy to avoid as there would be no loot pinatas.

Alternatively, if you truly want stock and it to be pilot skill, then setup the course and supply the ships yourself. Have a bowhead filled with prefit ships. Post the fit before hand so everyone can be ready. Have 4 rounds maybe so each round could be one faction. Winner is the most points after each round.

Really there are all sorts of ways to run such an event. It’s just a matter of what kind of race you want. I mean you could do say stock frig on a set track from a bowhead like a formal NASCAR or F1 race. Or… Just set watchers in say 10 systems. List the order the systems in which they must be visited, and have a free for all cannonball style race.

All very good ideas. Seems I have much to think about. But keep it to T1 frigates… yes.

I was thinking about it and actually there is no way to count laps easily and automatically. So it provoked me to think about the relay race, maybe being slightly more fair. Or race with picking up something from container and placing somewhere else, and with simultanously racing two or more challengers. And the tecnique could be more prevalent with deaccelerating and accelerating and turning, so if more challenges are on track, the better. Length of track would also be meaningfull for displaying consistency in skill.

For relay, you could even have them race to a bowhead and have to switch ships each lap.

Okies. I’m going to see how real this can be. I’ve bought a shiny new T1 Frigate and (keeping to the rules as given by you guys above) I’ve found a nice quiet high sec sector and so will see how fast I can get it to go at sub-light and how we might set up a course or relay course. I’ll keep you posted.

Found that fitting an afterburner is a bit hard on the power grid so switched to micro warp drive. Was only going to allow afterburners for parity, so already I’m changing the rules. :slight_smile:

OMG! Pylon racing a T1 Frigate is awesome!!! And so easy. I set up two small containers and named them Race Pylon 1 and 2 respectively. Then using pylon 1 as the start finish I just hit the micro warp drive and headed for pylon 2 (500 km away). The trick is in getting around them. I used manual control on the keyboard to turn around rather than using “align to”. Is awesome as the ship slows a little during the turn and you really do begin to appreciate the need for good turning skills as well as speed. Plus. if you use “align to” the frigate almost stops before aligning itself, to only then begin it’s acceleration back up to full speed (slow method). This kind of racing could be great!! A good mix of ship fit, skill, and even tactics. And I am yet to try out relay racing.

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