How about add a racing expansion that kickstarts racing as official career - with racing missions, markers and timer systems, racing modules, sleek fragile racing ships, different annual races, race track modules, gear. In-system races with markers and a finish line, multi system enduros, relays, betting.
Have all kinds of ways for people to go that fraction of faster.

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The Galente event last year (and years prior) involved a race track where people would warp to different systems.

I would be in favor of CCP expanding on this. I’m not sure it deserves an entire expansion, but having different tracks in various regions would be pretty good. A monthly leader board could be made for the best track times and racing themed skins could be given out as rewards for winning the New Eden Cup. :stuck_out_tongue:

Be great to be able to see race statistics by ship.

There would be no active piloting skill or challenge involved in an in-system race track, as your ship moves directly in a straight line to the next race marker when you click on approach on the overview. EVE isn’t a flight simulator. Two players with the exact same fit, skills, and ship are going to reach each marker at the exact same time…

I don’t think that’s even true now since reaction speeds, overload on modules and turning is going to vary things but also there are dozens of ways to make it more even interesting with things like inertial destabilizes allowing slides, gravity hooks for sharper turns, quantum oxide for short speed boosts to name a few examples.

So Fast and the Furious for EVE, complete with drifting and NOS? No thanks…

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An NPC that looks like Vin Diesel can be the race coordinator…:rofl:


I had an idea for a racetrack a while ago, involving a large system. It would involve multiple keys, where keys had to be in cargo to unlock the next key, as in checkpoints.

You start at one end of a system, everyone lines up, and each player is scrammed and webbed to oblivion, say by a quad web Vindicator, then at once all the Vindis are burst jammed by a Scorp or Widow or something and the race is on. There are tight sections of rapid turning to get to a large number of checkpoints near each other, then a 2000km straight burn, followed by 2 data cans, and topped off with a mad warp to the final station where you input the last key and get a finish item. Then you warp to a gate and jump through. The first pilot to appear in local on the other side that can prove they have the item in their cargo will win. Warping around system is allowed, and Mobile Depots are allowed, too. Reshipping and interactions with other players, including command bursts, are not allowed. Implants and drugs are fine.

Another start method could be to disallow covert ops cloaking devices and require regular ones, and everyone cloaks up around an anchor to start. When the anchor decloaks and in turn decloaks the rest of the fleet, the game can start.

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Technically, you can put obstacles in the way between the waypoints that you have to fly around. This is already the case on some combat plexes. You’d still only click in space to move around the obstacle, but you piloting skills determine whether you take an unnecessarily long way around the object and lose time or if you can find/know a shorter way through/around it and win time over others. With ships provided for the racers with identical fittings and restrictions placed on pilots in terms of hardwirings, you can prevent people from having a faster ship than others.

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I would think you want to have faster ship. You want to spent a crazy amount for modules and boosters to get the fastest fit. Then you get beat by a better pilot in a cheaper ship. That’s the eve way.

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Oooohhhh…Constellation-specific Triathlons! Each race combines navigation through multiple systems, scanning/hacking (DED space waypoints/cans), and rats w/tackle. Mix it up so that each system is different and unique to the local lore.

What a raceist thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Track racing, drag racing, short multi system and around the worlds, orienteering, cannonball runs, racing for pink slips, much potential for new types of pvp and pve content. Even adding a couple ‘open’ missions that timed pickup and delivery of various cargos and posted the best times to station screens would make it possible to have racing leagues but you could do so much more than that. Lots of combat adverse players might compete with others in a race of some type. There’s a lot of community building potential in racing IMHO.

Any racing system for EVE would inevitably end up like a space version of “Wacky Races”, complete with Ant Hill Mob corps, Dick Dastardly griefers, and Githany Red as Penelope Pitstop.

Not that I’m saying there’s anything wrong with that, of course…

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