Jita Races

How would you feel if Jita had races with the speed of Antigraviator and the full arsenal of Wipeout that you could…
1.) participate in
2.) spectate
3.) Bet on

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I’m sure the powers that be would find a way to gank them and ruin the whole thing, even with the high speed. We’d find a way :stuck_out_tongue:

But these races would not be as exciting, for example the feeling of speed is in EVE really hampered outside the warp tunnel animation. There is just not enough stuff flying by. Maybe races with a fixed view and in a track between asteroids in asteroid belt, but then it would need another mode for races with special tracks and view fixed for that ocasion. And what about the twitch like reactions? Last time I have heard about the server tick its 1 second - 1Hz. Its just that with that frequency feedback can be provided and its not really exciting from an arcade like racing point of view.

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I originally thought it would be on a planet where people actually walk around, the speed would be easier to see compared to a persons’ meter per step, but then they removed CQ, and with it the avatar walking. Getting into that warp idea though… a New Eden sized race would be wonderful. Artificial wormholes/warp “bubbles” lined throughout the world, safe from other players but the racers would still have special weapons like… there was a ps3 game…

Maybe a spherical arena… At this point it sounds like I’m trying to develop a game instead of an addition. Well… I guess they technically could make a linked game out of it. Have it use isk and make the isk transferrable…

Grand Prize: A ship with 2 KM movement speed and 12 AU Warp, special shuttle, I’d love to fly an AG-System ship in eve…


Seems more like a new game than idea at this point


Maybe it could be one of CCP’s VR titles, though the question is, would it cause motion sickness?

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Looks like Star Citizen to me especially that initial concept. :thinking:

Anyone remember the New Eden Racing League? They had races in courses through low sec system. At each system, the pilots had to open a can and retrieve some item as proof they were there. Shooting each other was permitted. Getting killed by low sec pirates along the way was a risk. (The course of systems wasn’t announced until the race started, to prevent racers from having friends set up gate camps).

I always wanted to try it, but I was still a newb doing L3 missions in high sec when it closed. Maybe some of us can try to set something like that up again someday.