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Since the Jita station visual update. It’s absolutely wonderful to float around and watch it all.

I just thought it would be a cool idea to use this as an opportunity to bring back the avatar based gameplay. Instead of making “All Stations” a walk-able area, what if you just created an instanced station map for a social hub in Jita 4-4? That would be so cool. Walk around, talk to folks and interact. Have entertainment stuff and a new minigame related to Hypernet at a bar or something? Idk… Just throwing cool ideas out there. :grin:


God I hope not. After the original mess and the removal, I would be so disappointed if they wasted even more resources re-introducing a failed concept almost no one used.

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Why? So I can walk around a station with 1,500 other toons in it with scam hypernet ads above their heads in a chat bubble? No thanks. Jita is already pure stage 4 cancer without this feature…


“no one used a trial version with only solo and no features at all, so clearly no one will use a real version with multiplayer.”
That’s a bit of a silly argument, that said…

Unless it has meaningful gameplay that adds to EVE, and I don’t mean drinks or a social club, or forcing walking to do current tasks, then avatar gameplay is not worth developing, considering it would basically be an entire second MMO for them to build inside EVE.


No, ■■■■ off.


The only thing this game needs in that respect is two person capsules.

Everything else is secondary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Back in the days when CCP still had visions, this could have been Walking in Stations. It could be a meaningful extension of the EVE universe with lots of intriguing features. But then CCP lost their vision and replaced it with mediocrity and with pandering to clueless individuals.


Jita 4-4? Why would I want to walk around in that cesspool of bots and margin traders? You go to Jita, have fun with your hyper herpes.


I’m telling you, all they need is two person capsules.

The rest is emergent game play.

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Yup, I agree 100%.

Definitely a missed opportunity for CCP.

I’ve always felt that if the Dust platform had been PC everything would have been different.


I want to lose all of my isk playing poker in station

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Agreed. It would have added a new dimension of pvp skill to eve as well.

Eve would have more players.

I would have played Dust on PC, its the platform I had at the time, same as all the other EVE customers.


Same. It was a point people brought up when they announced it was a playstation exclusive.

We all know, that there was a 4 letter word involved!



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