Social Hub

I recall the days when you had a station apartment/cabin for your character Avatar to walk around in 3rd person to walkaround in. Allow you to interact with a series of interfaces to access various the various features of the neocom.

I would love to see this feature come back, in fact I would love to see the roadmap feature this was the proof of concept for the expansion of character avatars having a 3rd person social hub environment to lounge in.

Now I realize this would be a bit much to apply for every station in the game. What I would like to suggest though it could be a feature applied to the major trade hubs. Jita 4-4, Dodixie 4-20, as well the Minmatar/Amarr hubs. I’m only suggesting these NPC stations purely due to their already popular focus points for player congregation.

This could also become a feature that could be invested in to for player built Citadels, especially so for player corporations who run sizable corporations an have established their own trade hub for their particular regions of control. These social Hubs for avatars in 3rd person could also have an internal room structure, sort of a Corporate version of a Guild hall. So they could congregate with their avatars for special events, board room meetings, battleplans or w/e other in character social RP they deem applicable for, should they decide to. This could sort of extend upon the IRL sojourns people undertake for CCP events globally… an can emulate them virtually.

I realize this subject of sorts comes up every now an then… mostly surrounding the revival of the avatars cabin an inquiries to the station roam.

I look forward to replies an thoughts to add to, or expand on the idea.


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Investing in basically a new game just for people to allow for cosmetics and roleplay doesn’t look like a good direction. I would rather have CCP spend their limited resources on the actual game.


That was removed cause it was very resource heavy and a very very small portion of players used it. So no its not coming back

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Cool non-useful brainstorm feedback. Not surprising.

I thought it was removed due more to how badly it was coded along with no clear roadmap beyond the cabin feature. When the game/server(s) themselves were a shamble of hardware and or poorly optimized with a bad need for upgrade/overhaul. During a time when EvE itself nearly went belly up.

At the time those Players who were interested in it had either already left or lost interest in it, cause it didn’t add anything else to it and no clear roadmap to expand or tie in to the wider game.

An yet I keep seeing new player interest in the subject come up in chat conversations all the time.

So I thought maybe the community would be able to brainstorm ideas on how it could work in a non-invasive resource draw to expand on the social interactive part of the game beyond a chat box an perhaps tie in/overlap with other CCP EvE titles as a virtual hub beyond a chat box.

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If this works, it is just a matter of time until it is moved into stations and maybe even ships.

That was an informative read.

An while I see the pointed metrics. Without any interactive context for the use of a Captains Quarter or anything beyond that, of course the usage metric is going to be incredibly low. It’s a skewed metric to compare as the reasoning for archiving/removal of it.

If I were to give you a car with design flaws an no source for parts to make it work are you going to be able to drive it?
How much time would you then spend sitting in it?

I do understand the reworking from scratch being a draw from other areas of development an the reasoning behind shelving the idea for future content.

This is also why I thought bringing this up to build / brainstorm on. If there’s a First Person shooter element being woven back into the larger uni. Why not expand the core EvE game to include a First Person interactive crossover to overlap with an build some lively continuity beyond spreadsheets an spaceships. It’s not going to detract from the larger gameplay, if anything it could very well draw more new blood into the game who would appreciate an use those elements. IF there is content to follow along with it beyond a vanity aspect.