We need considerably more NPC trafic

I would love to see more NPC activity and busywork around planets and stations

  • unique NPC cargo ships industrial ships, either as decoration, mission objectives, pirating objectives or story driven.
  • O neil habitats and the like.
  • very small NPC owned stations that are there only as decoration, or offer very
    liited services.
  • NPC owned orbital stations
  • Space elevator stations hovering over planets

It’s time to make the places in eve that are argued to be populated by billions upon billions of civilians to look alive and bustling with activity.

As a side note - this looks good. These vessels would all dock up if there’s combat in the area (thereby not weighing on tiDi et.al.) but they would look so interesting on youtube and other commercial PR campaigns. Lens flares completely optional.

NPC Traffic and such used to exist. It was actually kind of neat back in the day you could see what commodities NPC corporations traded in their corp info (Ie: Robotics, etc) and if you went to their stations you’d see NPC haulers going in and out at various times. I remember killing them and getting minor crap commodities that weren’t worth much but it was cool, and lowered your standings with the corp/faction.


They’re still in the game.

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OMG. Would THAT bring out the murderers among us. They would need some awesome shields.

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