The Forgotten NPC's of New Eden. (IMO)

Just out of curiosity, why isn’t the npc part of New Eden being looked at for New design content?

For example dealing with war dec’s:
a corporation gets war dec’d in high security space.

that corporation can get in contact with some of the npc corporations
who handle military actions in the area.

they can negotiate a defense fleet to protect their assets during the war.
(cost per hour/per size of fleet/per day).

it would give smaller high sec corporations a fighting chance at surviving an attacking war corp
as well as generate content for high security space that would be different than the status quo.

To make New Eden not feel so lonely:
its one of the most overlooked idea’s for most of New Eden(IMO).

New Eden is dark, quiet, and lonely in most systems of space.
(yes in high sec systems can be empty for hours if not longer)
and it would be great to see CCP work on more life in the cosmos.

I for one look forward to the day I can undock from a local station and see npc’s doing the same,
coming and going among the stars like I do.

Mining asteroids (yeah I know they do that but it has so much more potential)
Hunting local pirates (npc vs npc can be a thing so why not work on it?)
hauling cargo (moving their stuff, or running courier for others, trading, etc.)
scouting for bountied players (within a reasonable limitation)
traveling around exploring (who doesn’t like doing that?)
breathing life into a stale and uneventful space reinvigorating immersion.

Of course I know its not one of the most important problems facing capsuleers on a daily basis but it would be great to see just how populated the space lanes can become when your sharing it not only with your fellow capsuleers but also with that npc who just bought a ton of Quafe and is hauling it to another system nearby to sell for a profit and hopefully put food on the table for his or her family back home, or that other npc who just found out there were pirates nearby he or she could squash for a quick buck to grab that cold one he or she has been jonesin for all week.

as a note all of this is purely from an opinionated point of view and I do welcome constructive criticism and/or additions to make it better

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