Vanguard and the fundamental issue with it

Dear CCP,
I’m an old player been there done that yadda yadda yadda.
I just can’t stay silent about it and instead of talking with my friends about it again, I’ll just write it down here and maybe some people would agree with this view.

Don’t you see what the problem with Vanguard is? Unless you’re going to make it a successor to Planetside2 somehow, then don’t bother. Don’t you understand that your playerbase, people who like EVE are not exactly the same people who spend whole day in CS:GO or any other FPS for that matter. There are some FPS-lovers here for sure, but I can bet that’s like 1-5% of the whole community.

Once we were excited for “walking in stations”, you killed the project and the captain quarters were just a disturbing reality check. Now you try a different angle and it will fail again. But do you really know why people were excited for this in the first place? Not because of the FPS part, but the immersion that could improve with having a real avatar character in the game instead of a just photo and few lines in bio.

What I’d rather have is the ability to attend a meeting in game with my char, the ability to have flight briefing rooms like in Wing Commander, ability to actually walk in Jita crowd. That stuff. And maybe occasionally shoot someone inside a remote nullsec citadel with a boarding party, but that last part - not necessary. Something like that. That’d be fun.


You know how poor the average jita worker is? You would not want to mingle with them lol.

Yes something like planetside 2 would fulfill your needs of having a lobby to “mingle” and at the same length go travel to a part of a map to open up LMGs and throw explosives at the enemy.

I should honestly get back into the game again I keep talking about it so much LOL :sweat_smile:

I played Vanguard last night. It was…bare bones.

That’s the point it’s pre-alpha


100% agreed. Not sure if an immersive non-combat avatar experience would make any money for CCP, but it would be great. I doubt that I’ll play Vanguard, but it depends how it affects the main game.

Maybe it’s YOU that has an issue.

I welcome with open arms whatever Van Guard is.

I hope you don’t do PI, because if you do you might get pissed up one day waking up and seeing your factories in smoking rubble… and Vanguards laughing at you in local

EVE Vanguard development needs to start somewhere. CCP shares this early pre-alpha state with us, hoping for our constructive feedback and help with testing it. It will be expanded step by step until it becomes whole and ready to roll 24/7. No downtime yay.

The aim is to make it into sandbox shooter, like EVE Online but with handguns instead of turrets.

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I would love to see Vanguard evolve into something like Enlisted or Planetside, or even something in between. Could do a lot of fun creative stuff with player classes and capabilities. Hell I’ll throw out a few ideas right now:

Trooper - Your baseline soldier. Highly versatile, gets access to lots of dropsuit and weapon options. Severs after period of time. Weak to kinetic.

Jumper - Spawns as a squad of combat drones that you can jump between at any time. They follow you around and use NPC AI when not under direct control. Can’t use clone banks, but can repair dead drones with resources. Doesn’t sever, but needs energy cells to stave off shutdown. Weak to energy.

Razor - Fast and tricky CQC specialist. Gets access to ECM that scrambles your silhouette on gun optics and boosters that buff your speed & melee damage. Severs faster than Trooper. Weak to thermal.

Breacher - A walking slab of muscle and bionics. Big target, big guns, lots of health. The cloned body is basically dying the moment it hits the ground and needs biomass to recover constantly dwindling health. Weak to explosive.


I absolutely want Vanguard to become what the EVE Forever trailer showcased so many years ago. That is what WIS and any shooter in EVE should offer in addition to battlefields.


Its public information that number of players on the server is down compared to 10 years ago. The question is why numbers are down when the gaming industry as a whole has grown significantly over those years.

There is a group of people who seem to have convinced CCP EVE is dying because its an old game and that the subscription model isnt popular, but also the group of people who are interested in a game like EVE online is shrinking. This is likely why CCP keeps trying to make an FPS because they think thats how they survive.

But what if they are wrong? What if CCP is delivering bad content and changes for EVE online and thats why fewer and fewer people are playing it?

idk, but December VG playtest was frequnted by ~170k unique characters on omega accounts who spent 35k hours in total in-game (it was sent in the public playtest summary email) :thinking:

it’s quite something… we should know how January playtest went next week

The quality of the content isn’t the issue. Accessibility to the content is. That problem runs all the way down the learning curve to basic concepts for new players. Today I saw a new player that couldn’t figure out how to buy ammo for his guns in the market. I tell him: Right click on the gun, show info, Used With tab. He thanks me for the help. Then I realize I just gave him a list of like eight (not including T2 and Faction) different kinds of hybrid charges that he has no idea how to interpret.


Its true that anyone who dont know anything about the game don’t know how to play it but it doesn’t explain why they dont play it

It could be the lack of detailed cockpit view for ships. Without it you get a sense of detachment.

We know why it’s not there - there is no cockpit, we command the ship with our mind alone :slight_smile:

It can be confusing…

Confusing or just not interesting. A cockpit view is not interesting btw

To some, it might be, so they skip…

It might be interesting for a second, but after that it just takes up screen space. At the end of the day the main reason people stop playing a game is because it receives bad updates or new people stop being born

It seems a lot of people have this mistaken idea that Vanguard, as it currently is, is what CCP is planning on giving us. This is why most companies don’t show any information about their games before they’re ready to release.

The game is in a pre-alpha state, this is why only EVE players are allowed to play it for the moment. They’re testing features. They want to make sure it’s stable. They’re trying to crush bugs. They want to make sure their net code can handle load. Once those things are ironed out, they’ll move onto the next stage.

I agree with others in this thread about the game needing to be integrated into the rest of EVE. CCP is going to have a hard time competing with other shooters if it doesn’t provide something those other games do not.

The good thing for CCP, is they have the perfect universe for this already, that they can slot the game into.

I absolutely want a melee only option. This is primarily because I named one of my characters “aimbot” as a joke, so now I don’t really want to go around shooting people with it. :stuck_out_tongue: But going around stabbing people with a name like that would be hilarious, so I’m hoping it will be an option.

That’s going to be massively over inflated due to the omega plex deal that was given out during the test. 50ish plex for 7 days of omega I think it was.


51 PLEX for 4 days :slight_smile: (notice something? :wink: )
fyi, the characters and hours numbers were pulled from raw playtest game data by CCP London, not from omega time purchased.

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We as a community can only guess what vanguard will be like… We know it will be some sort of massive map and general war type of deal (Planetside 2) so now all we can do is speculate… I for one HATE hide and seek shooters. I think CCP knows that also so just fingers crossed to see what they reveal as the year goes on.

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