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Good vibes all around is good.

I hope Vanguard has stuff going for it as a stand alone product; I hope that it is more than a pretty space-based graphic version of Escape from Tarkov with much less depth or complexity. If Elite Dangerous’s FPS addition is anything to go by, a lousy and half-assed first person experience can ruin the rest of the game by proximity.

Have you, or any of the other CSM, asked about future efforts along the lines of Eve Valkerie? A slower paced, 3-D VR piloting + pvp experience is something that the market needs, and hopefully the lesson of “fast paced reflexes + quick motion + VR = vomit and nausea generator” can be taken more to heart for the next iteration of that effort…

Do you know what metrics that CCP are focusing on when they look at whether Havoc succeeds or fails as an addition to the Eve universe? What metrics they looked at for the Eden/Trig roll out?
I see a lot of complaints about the issues with Edencom and Trig introduction being repeated, a lot of the criticism and voicing of the issues being outspoken by “shiny new ship! thanks ccp!”. It’s disheartening to see them learning the wrong lessons one expansion to the next as the cycle repeats.
The data can speak for itself, but only when it is collected and/or looked at. It would help to know what exactly they are looking at for the folks providing feedback to better explain their positions and concerns.


CCP developers rarely tell players about their internal opinions and targets. EVE dev blogs these days seem mostly about features soon to be delivered.

I’m still waiting for a Siege Green update post-mortem dev blog. It was actually penciled into a schedule, not long after the update. (Which saw changes to structure mechanics, making “medium” structures easier to destroy, due to complaints from some corners that removing structures left behind by a move-out group, or foisted upon them with no defending fleet fights, therefore no purpose that the attacker understood or cared about - were too much work to remove.)

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I as well. I posted data from zKillboard about its actual effects (as opposed to claimed effects by CSM members) but I wanted actual data from CCP Games.

They were supposed to present the Siege Green retrospective during a Twitch livestream full of various presentations. If I remember right it was cancelled a few minutes before it was scheduled to go live, and since forgotten about. The other presentations in the livestream happened without a hitch.


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