Vanguard first impression

Bad things;
-Needs a ton of optimization. Played on low settings and was like fighting while wearing weights
-Hard to tell NPC from Players at the start
-Player backpacks are hard to find if you kill them at a great distance
-Missions need a lot of work, confusing
-If a player or npc bag is looted, it should disappear
-End of match score screen needs to be cleaned up, group npcs and only give details on player kills
-A better description from the popup window at start on how to extract

Good things;
-Pinging system
-Clear navigation at top of hud
-Different ammo types
-Crafting is cool
-Target analysis is interesting


There needs to be a proper uninstall method, I have very limited storage space as it is.


From watching several streams my first impression is that Vanguard works better than Dust514 (and looks better too). And that’s comparing an early alpha with an old beta… So, looks like ccp is doing a better job.

When i clicked the link to vanguard in the launcher i got a malware warning from firefox. Not a good start. Then when i finished downloading Vanguard i got this request to install anti-cheat which is also notoriously malwary. So i will pass because im not that interested in FPS to begin with. But im sure there is an ocean of players out there eager to try this :slight_smile:

In other news the full screen settings window in EVE has been made not full screen anymore. Its a banner now, which is also weird. But whatev! Lets go

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Well I’m glad someone got it to install. This ■■■■ is pissing me off big time.

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I don’t want to craft. I want to choose my loadout and go merc scrubs. Sitting there in the crafting window while waiting for someone to come gib me. No thanks.


Agree, the crafting part doesn’t feel fitting to the game, a multi-player shooter with short play sessions. Else the game looks pretty, and runs super smooth despite being a pre-alpha test. The aiming, weapon precision and the offense/defense feels well balanced.

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I’m out immediately. Barest minimum requirements should be that I can remap all the controls. I cannot remap the right mouse button so I’m out.

I will forgive some indie developers not having a FULL remap option. CCP are not an indie developer and that is absolutely unacceptable.

Please let me remap everything, this should be be barest minimum standard for accessibility and playability. Not everyone plays with their controls the same way or is comfortable/capable of playing that way.

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And in before the ISD close this one as “not official”. I’m NOT using discord to give feedback. I won’t use discord for anything, I’m sure as hell not using discord for it. The devs read the forums ergo this is a perfectly fine place to post feedback on the work CCP do.

Well i finally ( after 3 loops of downloading ) got the game to install and played it. After like 10 minutes i uninstalled it. Graphics and gameplay seemed cool but i not playing a FPS to sit and craft.
Why cant we as said above just select a loadout and enter the game ?
Good idea CCP but i will pass on this.

I absolutely love it. Props to CCP. Very well done.

Why do you guys think there is no radar minimap (aka ping system) to see other hostiles? Felt so strange to me tbh.

I don’t see Vanguard making it. The hardware requirements are too niche. The extra graphics really aren’t needed.

Vanguard should be ran on the system requirements as Eve Online, otherwise Vanguard will flop and flail like Dust514.

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I dont understand why they even take on such a project when EVE Online needs all the attention it can get. But im starting to realise CCP is not a serious company and they just do whatever they think is fun. And they got bored of working on EVE online so decided to make a FPS, but they are probably already bored of that so lets see what happens next.


It’s an alpha. You can expect settings to be very limited.

This is kind of a weird conclusion. Sure opinions differ. But EO is in a fairly good state. There will always be stuff that needs patching/updating. But you cant flaw a company for taking on a new project. Ccp is a big company. Got sold for 425M in 2018 (i think). So they are no small boys. Sure, it aint Activision or Ubisoft. But we know from them bigger isnt always better…

What you are doing right now is CCPsplaining. The reality is that CCP does not even know what its doing with EVE Online. For example one day they implement something and then the next they remove it again.

This is not something a healthy enterprise would do. Now its possible to make mistakes. But not all the times. So when they dont have the ■■■■ straight with EVE Online is silly to start up a new project on top. Learn to walk before you run.


Basic accessibility should be the barest requirement for a playable game. Sure, I’ll accept that other settings should be limited in an alpha, but if you’re play testing? Accessibility settings should be feature complete.

No, yours is the weird conclusion. EVE has literally spent the past year clawing it’s way back from the lowest player numbers since 2006. Lower than Blackout. Maybe somebody who’s spent just that one year in the game could look at it and think “hey looking good!”, but that’s just lack of perspective.

@Rtsu was pretty much bang-on with their description, except perhaps missing the root cause (top EVE management, especially Hilmar, wanting “his own” game success). CCP has a long history of truly botched game projects. In fact, they’ve botched every single thing they’ve ever attempted except EVE. And EVE they botch on a fairly regular basis, then scramble to fix things before all the players abandon ship.

I expect Vanguard is being shown at such an early stage because CCP is trying to build some momentum from the gains of the last year. Particularly since a lot of those ‘apparent’ gains were driven by players multi-boxing alts to farm certain exploits in the new FW content.

It would be nice to have an EVE-related game, and also nice if CCP could manage to develop a second profit line. And EVE players are always ready to cling fiercely to the faintest hope of something new and interesting.

For me at least, it’s going to take more than a couple half-baked demos to demonstrate CCP has a chance of actually carrying through with a viable FPS in today’s saturated market.


It’s as simple as deleting the “EVE\SharedCache\eve-vanguard-tq” folder.
Setting the EVE install folder to Compressed (properties > Adv ) will save 3+GB for each game.