Vanguard first impression

Is it for phones or wtf is this ?
I couldnt even find how to chat to the squad untill I decided its too much to endure !
Better just stop finnanicing this crap.
After the previous miserable flop in FPS you should at least try to copy what Star Trek Online does since so many years but ofc much better with an Unreal engine, not this stupid mini map survival battle royal version of total crap.

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perhaps they should pay Planetside 2 to create a map based on EVE and send us to play there… would be better and equally pointless… I still do not understand what is the point of Vanguard… Valkyrie was way more interesting but they failed hard too

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Well, EVE has planets and moons and for some reason EVE management think it makes sense for CCP to jump into a genre that others have been doing better for a decade or more and try to compete.

Agreed that it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and that’s probably why they’ve flopped at it something like 4 times in a row. EVE is already a niche game, EVE ground shooter would be a small fraction of that.

As for Valkyrie, I think CCP might have the capacity to make a good and interesting space dogfighter game. And it would make far more sense from the EVE-verse standpoint. The problem with Valkyrie was making it VR. Yes, Hilmar wants to be edgy and cool and all… but how about, first make a good, interesting game that’s a succes, and then worry about adding the fancy frills to it later.


They’re using the prototyping approach to introduce new projects and see which get’s choosen by the customers.

Eventually coupled with amazon workign backward method.

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From my initial observations:

  • at least a simple tutorial would be useful,
  • aiming could be done using the mouse wheel,
  • fired bullets could have different colors depending on the type of ammunition used,
  • destination markers are not very visible, so maybe a good solution would be to do something that shows the marker on the left or right side of the screen,
  • missing grenades, mines, vehicles, jetpacks to move faster around the map, maybe some motion sensor (something like in Alien).
  • maybe an erupting volcano in the distance,
  • more garbage lying around.
  • maybe some mysterious tunnels or a hidden, secret laboratory?

These are just some quick ideas.


SSD are pretty reasonable now… you can get 2tb for like 150$

CCP at it again :partying_face::partying_face: spending money and time

I dunno about this. I’ll grant that this is what, an alpha test demo? But one respawn and done seems limited for any sort of testing. Also not keen on the lack of jumping despite there being a binding for it and the lack of sprinting even though there’s a game option to make it toggled. That last bit really bugged me as I don’t understand the point in having a toggle switch for a game function that you haven’t implemented yet. Sprinting doesn’t even have a key binding like jump does.

The fact that you have to hold down the mini-map key to see it is also not a good design choice as that means that if they don’t “fix” that then I’ll have to rig up an AutoHotkey script to make it “toggleable” for my next life and respawn during the next event. Hit key, look at map while moving, see what I need to do, hit key again is so much better than hold key while either stopping in place (and being a target) or hold the key and move in only one dimension as trying to strafe while holding Tab (which makes sense for the mini-map in every other game that has the feature) isn’t the easiest thing in the world at times.

Didn’t think it ran all that badly though, but I’m running an AMD 5800x and RTX 3080 and didn’t really look at the frame rate counter in the brief time I could play. I was too busy trying to figure out who to shoot (everyone), who I shouldn’t shoot (apparently no one since it’s a FFA deathmatch), where my objectives (destroy tracking/security/whatever devices) were, and trying to understand why some were completely indestructible despite being on my minimap as something I should break. Also spent a couple minutes wondering why I kept getting loot from crates the game was telling me were empty after I opened them.

there is couple little annoying thing example:

make it possible to close map with esc key as every other thing can be done.

also voip need push to talk option

also when playing as team you should be able to extract without team members as randoms sometimes have no clue what they are doing making it impossible for others to extract

Overall i like the game, looting, crafting, missions all those are excellent way to make game interesting and different from other mindless shooters.


This all may be true. But vanguard is still great so far, and the possibilities are pretty awesome. Dust would have be far more successful if it was simply on PC.

Vanguard looks good, and the integration can be the first of its kind.

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Nothing malwarey about EAC, its industry standard, its made by epic games

Because the crafting is akin to the ammo system in EVE, unless you want to craft it all ahead of time which is a valid option, but then you’ll still be limited by a max carry capacity and might need more again later

Yes and no, for the alpha you’re not aiming to have everything ready to go and accessibility needs a near finished product before you can get seriously in to all the things like colour filters etc, not much point designing those features only to have to entirely remake them because you opted to massively change something

So instead you want them to copy a game with, i would argue, the worst planetside combat known to man? yeah thats a hard pass

You mean aim down sights? who the hell would use the mouse wheel for that lol

Can always count on CCP quality code…

The Vanguard link isn’t showing in my launcher…

Nor is the Vanguard / 4th character slot…


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You hold shift to Run and hit space to jump

Are you using the updated launcher?

Should show up fine in that, i see it for both my accounts


You need the new launcher.

FYI the game runs incredibly well for an alpha, and is extremely stable.

Honestly impressed, it could have been terrible

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@Cypherous @Phaade

I redownloaded the Launcher, Vanguard appeared and downloaded that, a few hours later I was able to log in and play…

Wtfs said to copy the combat type ?? I specifically said to use Unreal engine and ofc to upgrade to actual standards .
Obviously what I meant was about being able to fly to a planet, any planet in any system with our ships, cause thats why we play Eve , land on the planet and find there some quests, some quests arcs, loot, species, or some randomly generated ones SOMEHOW LIKE Star Trek Online has !
So open world big planets with a LOT to do not this ■■■■ mobile/console UI with mini maps 3v 3 so-called pvpve survival battle royal feel.
Ah and btw, if you consider this crap they did anywhere close to actual standards in FPSs then at least think how it will look in abt 4 years when they would finally do spmething they’ll call beta…
In so many years of EVE I dont think I ever posted anything and I barely play anymore but I had to voice my opinion that if they want more money they better start fixing EVE not try to make anything else cause obviously they have no clue how

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I’ve played for 5 minutes and I’m ready to uninstall it now.

This is the least fun FPS I’ve played in a long time, and I’m kinda sad that Eve resources are being diverted to it. It’s poorly integrated into the game, like a niche activity plugged into a niche activity. I really would like Eve to expand beyond just internet spaceships but this shoehorned minigame is not it.

Of course, there’s no actual way to uninstall it either.

I think Vanguard will have a small core of diehard fans but I suspect it won’t recoup it’s development costs.

Yeah idk mine worked perfectly from the start

Glad you got in though, did you like it?

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Don’t agree at all. I think it’s going to be successful