Vanguard notes

@Anthony_FatTony_Amico thought of you first when i read this


Super excited to see how vanguard will evolve beyond the extraction shooter gameplay! Wonder what their mining will be in game. I am also hopeful they will add more heavy weapons as I would LOVE to lay down suppressing fire with a belt fed LMG.

Thanks for ping! So far I am pleased with CCP’s comments on how they felt when they saw the player feedback. Resonated with many points of player feedback and I really felt like I contributed some of those exact thoughts when I filled out the survey. Makes my 1-year sub I bought so much better.

Vanguard 2024!! :partying_face: :partying_face:


Id like to have tried vanguard even though im not a fps person, but my laptop barely lets me do anything in EVE and i dont have access to my desktop


This type of tactic is generally not effective in video games since you’re typically up against small teams of soldiers who take more than 1 round to disable and most FPS games no longer have prone stance.

Not going to take part in this vanity project from CCP

Here is the name of some of the developers on vg

Potato Battery

Obviously they have 0 taste and the games success will reflect that. Gz on the gig tho. Lets see how long until they run out of money.

One can always have hope and I did mix in some of my RP preferences with it. :sweat_smile:

That’s what people said when they started the trig content. They made comments just like yours. UNTIL THE WAR CAME TO THEM!

Just like the trig war EVE Vanguard will come to you. Vanguard will impact directly or indirectly how you make ISK. CCP will make good on that.


I thought my laptop is potato too but it handled EVE Vanguard on lowest settings well. Not a single crash.

My specs

GPU: NVIDIA Quadro P620
RAM: 32 GB
CPU: intel core i7 10gen

Even when factory reset. If i press to open a window i might be lucky it will open within 5 minutes. If i try 2 apps. Forget it.

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