A Vanguard forum section!

Nice to have a forum section for Vanguard!

I liked the first Vanguard test, although I didn’t have much time to play then. I may give it another go this time. :smiley:

I’m glad there is a place to discuss Vanguard now with this forum section, because I am not going to subscribe to yet another Discord if I can help it.

Does anyone know what has been added since the first playtests begin of this year?


You can mine in Vanguard now :stuck_out_tongue: With mining laser tool - it was harmless when added in March. Idk if it changed in June - it would be s surprise. You can switch between the gun and mining laser.

Mined ore is converted into two kind of alloys: inert and reactive. You need them both to craft energy rounds for Core 80-AR gun. Regular (kinetic) ammo requires nanites which you must loot from other players and boxes or just inert alloy. There are other craftable items that require mining.

After new stunning map, the next profound change imho is sc Adaptive Weaponry system (aka Gun Fitting). So far we have only one weapon. In June we will be able to configure, while in the lobby (aka docked) two modes of operation for it ALPHA & BETA and switch between them while deployed (aka undocked).

Configuration of a mode is achieved with chipsets of various properties we mount plug into the slots for every mode. Various chipsets can be gathered while doing deployment activities. But to use them in new gun configuration one need to bank them at one of the terminals or use the signal beacon to take the loot safely out of the planet.

UI for weapon customisation pIctured below

(buffs and nerfs are in % value of base Core 80-AR stats)

More details on Official EVE Vanguard Support page

Beside that, craftable proximity mines and motion sensors have been added.

Keybind remap is now remembered between game session - finally!

Whole list of enhancements since December playtest

  • The visibility of loot crates has been enhanced, making them easier to spot during intense combat situations.
  • Key bindings can now be remapped, and custom key bindings will be retained between sessions, so you can set it to suit your personal style.
  • Menus and user interfaces have seen significant enhancements, offering a smoother and more intuitive experience.
  • Camera movements have been refined for better gameplay immersion.
  • You can now sprint directly from a crouching start, improving your mobility and tactical options on the field.
  • A new mining laser prototype has been introduced.
  • Additional contracts have been added.
  • Vanguard can now choose whether to contribute to corruption or suppression with their actions on the battlefield.
  • A sleek new combat suit is now available.
  • Push to talk (PTT) voice feature has been added and the shortcut key can be remapped.
  • The ability to remap the sprint command to a different key has been implemented.

I guess it was inevitable that Vanguard was going to have its own section here on the EVE Online Forums. After all, if only Omega players can play Vanguard than it stands to reason they should be afforded a dedicated section in the Forums as well.

I do look forward to facing you guys at the Archipelago map. Although I’ll probably be mining there. Mining in Vanguard is like mining in Low-Sec right now.

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Beware of proximity mines in those mines down there :slight_smile:
…and of those who inspect mining permits. :grimacing: …unless you have backup :pensive:

I got my mining permits chambered in EM Rounds.

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Two questions for Vanguard

  1. Does anyone multi box many pilots and spawn camp the objectives?

2.How will Vanguard effect the New Eden ESS?

Installing is taking forever this time, hope my GPU can handle it

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  1. You can’t multibox in Vanguard …yet. At last I couldn’t - a security error message pops-up. Maybe my system is too weak, it barely handles it atm :grimacing: …improvement is on its way - expected to drop on Monday/Tuesday :smiling_imp:
  2. Not known atm …corruption and suppression influence in pirate insurgencies only so far …more info on the link is expected to be revealed soon - there is Vanguard Q&A session scheduled on 27th June at 14:00 UTC on EVE Vanguard Official Discord - no character linking yet
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I gave Vanguard another go after the December session, and it feels like the game got less playable than before.

I do not have a great gaming PC, but it can play modern games (Baldur’s Gate 3, Hogwarts Legacy) fine if I don’t expect high graphics settings.

Vanguard however has unplayable low frames per second even on the lowest settings. Slideshow turning to aim at my enemy isn’t my kind of first person shooter.

I guess I won’t play Vanguard. :frowning:

That sucks. I had the opposite experience. My hardware is the RX 6700 XT with a Ryzen 7 5000 series CPU and 32GB RAM. Of course, it’s a given that I build my PC to handle VR so it has no problem running Vanguard at any settings.