Then go to the Pierce to me what they promised us dust players back in the day I do not know if my previous posts made any of that done your decision or not to be honest it Makes no difference to me Thank you for giving this one more run And to all my dust Brothers out there When Vanguard It’s deployed foxhound will rise again

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Vanguard seems to have captured the imagination of many players primarily because the game isnt fully released and only available for a limited time each month which is quite clever.

So a game essentially being created via player feedback. Whats wrong with that. Oh wait…

Doing the same old thing, DUST, Nova, Legion, whatever the new name… but doing it in a different style. So, maybe we’ll get a different outcome.

Would hate to think we are crazy. :grinning:

We’re getting a mining option soon.

I’m hoping for firefall thumpers.

Warframe also has this :sweat_smile:

Kind of. Warframe’s version isn’t an extractor you build and then deploy.

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I just want them to fix not being able to use my capsuleer name to play the game, not touching it until this is fixed

You can use your capsuleer name atm. I use mine for playtests…

When they started it you couldn’t

Yes “at the moment”

But once it goes “live” both games will share the same namespace, and because the vanguard character is a 4th character on your account its subject to the same naming restrictions

This is the real game, its live, right now (Only for a week each month it seems). They act like its a beta because they still want to add some content but then EVE online is beta too :slight_smile:

I had no problem with naming my Vanguard character after my Capsuleer character right from the first playtest I participated in. Did that with all my 7 accounts but one which I named after a known New Eden lore character with written permission from CCP for the time being until it gets revoked :smiling_imp:

So then Vanguard characters could or would be how we ‘mine’ in PI?

Fight off the bad guys,
Build the miner,
Whistle a happy tune,
Export the materials,
Get rich!

ccp betrayed every dust Soldier when they took the service down now they’re trying to win us back by giving us a PC upgraded version of dust514 That is exactly what Vanguard is dust but in PC form and i am all in