Open Vanguard to alpha players

My time paying for eve online has passed. Bad customer service experience.

But I’m open to trying new things by CCP, I hear vanguard is an FPS?

The playtest is apparently open to paying Omega players only. You want people to pay to beta test your game? My decision to stop paying feels just…right.

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You’ll probably have to wait until after the Beta, etc.

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I don’t see the appeal for another FPS shooter. I already played Overwatch, Apex Legends, Warframe, etc… I am getting older and my reflexes are not what the use to be. People are using aim-bots and worse in these online shooter games. EVE takes me back to an old 1990’s EA game I use to enjoy. No, It wasn’t multiplayer but I found it to be relaxing.

I am not against Alphas having access to Vanguard, just stating why it has no appeal for me.

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CCP thinks they are the best studio in the world. They think their games are worth $20 per month. Nothing will change that until nobody is playing the game anymore. Now you know what to do.

@Arthur_Aihaken Vanguard is not supposed to come out of beta because then CCPs incompetence will be exposed. They have to keep it in “pre-alpha” so they can pretend they know what they are doing, and also counter every single criticism and lack of player interest with “its pre-alpha”. Do you know what i mean? :slight_smile:

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