I’m an Omega player and was ancsious to play this FPS version of EVE, the “Vanguard”…registrated, even created a new account wrongly cause I though was necessary and I realized thenthat wasn’t (non the less was with a different email, which one I ofered my younger vrother that as been bugging me for a long time to let him play with ione of my 3 characters, cause we just have 1 Topdesk. So non the less now he has his own EVE account and can play at his will )
Returnng to my issue I’ve taked all the steps indicated 2 start the FPS EVE’s in the “VAnguard” verson cause is directioned only to Omega players ( what I consider an economic descrimination but that another subject & as a personnal opinion I rather keep for myself, but I will launched the subject in forum for sure, cause of course is a virtual example of value and social defects we we trying to correct simutaneously while trying to banish the wrong laws or wrights, and soft diferences conscious or not like this as an example that in the end inconsciencely ciments those same diferencies in the young people from real human society and surely that is not a very good valueable implementation of rightness or justice as a good example, likewise is happening in real society.
At the smae time as at the same time most of persons are making efforts or taking standingsthat aim as a goal or a purpose to trying to balance this peculiars details and this little almost insignificant things details as as not very good example to follow, wehere everybody should had equal chances in teh start despite their social, familiar, professonal, edicational and/or economical provinience )…but is just a personnal point of view like I said holping that this mind opening of myselg does not gerpotise negatives thoughts or any kind of retalliation…

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No, its just a limited access alpha test, there is no point opening the floodgates to literally anyone and everyone as they would just load up the servers to the point they crash and no actual testing can be done

The rest is just a random rant about something that isn’t actually an issue