I do NOT want Vanguard

I never asked you to waste almost 13 gigs of my hard drive for something I did not want in the first place. I am not sure if I can remove this without it affecting Eve online, please make sure that this is the case. I have absolutely no desire to play that game as it was a flop back then and it will be a flop now.

If we wanted a first person shooter we would play Call of Dookie. Rather, the vast majority of us are fans of clickety click, not slide canceling to victory.


Thanks for sharing. You can sit down now.


Hey that’s a really cool story bro. Provide something worth while next time. Maybe repair the relationship you have with your parents may be a good start; find a woman, learn how to socialize appropriately too. Being cooped up with the windows foiled isn’t obviously helping you any.


He has a point in that the patch size was pretty big for what it brought to EVE, considering Vanguard was a separate install

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Hmmm…Tranquility’s peak suddenly drops back below 30,000 concurrent accounts playing, after a sustained period of very encouraging growth, on the day Vanguard launches. Who could’ve predicted that?

Seriously though, I just don’t get why CCP are so keen to develop another FPS shooter in an already crowded market, when the money - and dev resources - would surely have been much better deployed continuing to build on the recent encouraging signs for their absolutely unique, record-breaking title? It’s not like there isn’t anything left to fix…


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