Up The Ladder

Seems there will be a lot of players not able to play Vanguard. That’s good, because while all of the vets are away on Vanguard, the New Joins can begin their first operations of domination and conquest, up the ladder rookies.

Fresh and immaculate, emergent content.

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You’ve whined about the system requirements in two threads now.

Oh, it’s not a complaint.

It’s a new shard for New Eden. Here, come have a sip of tea from the saucer full of secrets. The unrest as alliances venture into Vanguard to secure maps, that become planetary territories, that become empires. What might be obscured by clouds, today, will be, right as rain tomorrow.

No, Vanguard is just the beginning of a new era of corporate infiltrations and the surrender and collapse of alliances not able to defend both space and planetary assets, but planetary assets that are necessary for both New Eden and Vanguard, once the link has been made, both would be inseparable from the other. Victory or defeat, dependent on a new era in Eve Online leadership.

Is the world watching us?

If you find you’re pants suit is on fire and you are shaking hands with yourself, think. This last comment made absolutely no sense at all, except. Think about what it means.

And what does that have to do with:

Nice try tho.

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I’d have lower numbers since some are doing…eve things.

Winter event. Fw warfare had me and others busy.

I did try this. Hoping 1 or 2 matches gets the pod skin lol. Got that attendance in, back to corrupting the universe.

I did play some fps this weekend though. It be far cry 5. I get itches to fire that or say a borderlands up from time to time.

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