So I gave it another go

I gave a try to Vanguard every time it was offered.

First time was fun, you can see the game is bare bones, but it has almost potential.
But that was a while ago.

For this iteration I can say.
( This is my personal opinion and please take is as such )


  • Gun recoil. It is a bit on heavy side, but I kind of liked it.


  • Map is 50 shades of brown. Just like the last one. It just looks dull
  • Contracts, as a concept, are the polar oposite of fun. If there was an active mini map with directions where to go in order to fulfil the contract, maybe. But as is I lost interest to the goal very quickly.
  • There are no vehicles, in 2024? Your competition is Battlefield and COD. You maybe see Apex as competition, but that game is so different to Vanguard that they can not be compared.
  • There are no classes. As lore it works, sure, you are a clone that crash landed. But from fun game perspective, its not fun.
  • Game play wise my experience has been - spawn, choose contract, run arround like a chicken until death, fire up Battlefield and wait for better days.

The reason why EVE works is because it has not competition that is similar. Vanguard on the other hand has VERY good competition.

For the record, this feedback is not coming from place of hate, far from it. I was really hoping for Dust514 part 2 for PC. This is like Wish Apex legends.

It simply missing the fun factor. While other games provide instant action this is more like a game of checkers. And I am sure there is an audience for that. However judging by number of players on map not that many.

Again, I apoloigse if this is coming off as rude, that is not the intention. Merely sharing personal experience. For better or worse.


I had upvoted your thread due to the excellent forum presentation.+1

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