Eve Vanguard. A blanc canvas

So dont get me wrong. I’m generally positive with what i’ve seen from Vanguard. I can see a lot of potential. That is however only if what we are getting right now is a really basic and stripped version of the game. First Strike feels like a blanc canvas. Like a beautiful but empty house that needs complete decoration inside. The start is there. But at the moment it feels far far far from done. It will need a lot of content to be somehow interesting for longer than 2 hours.

So, i hope CCP reads all the comments on the game. And takes feedback to heart. There is a lot of work to be done. Again, atm im positive, there is a good base to work with. But to make it even a little bit interesting for players (especially non-Eve Online players) it needs a looot of work.

In my opinion MMOs should have constitutions. A set of ground rules that remain more or less constant throughout the decades. Changing the ground rules should be very difficult. But one important rule is that the game should not be able to have the same lead designer for more than 4 years in a row.

But also the game should be designed so that developing content for it is easy. Vanguard is one step behind here because the graphic fidelity has gotten a high priority. This means other FPS like Lethal Company, Battlebit, Unturned can out compete them in terms of gameplay and content for a smaller budget. Those games will also run well on low and medium end hardware i assume so in general their market is broader as well.

But games can be relatiely simple and still very popular, so that is vanguards chance i believe.

However, it is kind of sad we are not using the same characters, and Vangguard is not more of a “World of EVE” thing where you can explore and experience the lore from a first person perspective. For example who wouldnt want to meet/encounter a slaver hound and what not?


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TBH one of the best things they could do is poke out of their little EVE-ry tower and check the competition. The first couple minutes commentary on Planetside 2 here would do them a world of good: