Vanguard - Terrible WIP

Graphics - Nice.
Playability - 3/10 see below

Stuttering - Surprisingly very little on 4k. 7900XTX here.

Cursor - Background sucks for cursor. White cursor on greyish-white background… “Where’s Waldo” becomes “Where’s Cursor”.

Yes, very much a WIP. Very, very much. Played solo. Needs major overhauls to be viable.

Objectives. So Campers will camp the objectives - such as atttaching relay units to specific points. That will lead to the last camper standing collecting whatever drops and then finishing the objective. Counterstrike did this very well by limiting players to 5 person teams. HALO to. If it is Battle Royale, get rid of objectives. One or the other, not both.

Getting stuck on tiny rocks and such. Nothing sucks more than running and then, BAM - a tiny little pebble slams you to a stop. Yes, Vanguard is a WIP. Trying to retreat when my shield is down and the environment stops me with… pebbles. I died because - not enemy fire - pebbles.

Need a /move command for when stuck in world and can’t get out. Yep. Got stuck. No grenade to end my life to reclone. Exited to desktop.

Gun? Terrible. Perhaps the worst. Even worse recoil than anything HALO ever had. And I’ve shot M16A1’s on full auto. The game seems much, much worse than that.

Random turrets that point you out to other players. Players don’t need assistance in finding other players for PvP. One of the worst ideas I’ve ever encountered in over 30 years of playing videogames. Tons of tracer effects on kinetic shots to - not necessary. Other games do fine without all the “find the enemy” assistance Beta Vanguard provides. Might as well as be wearing neon with a light from the sky spotlighting your character, every time.


Plays perfectly for me. It’s an alpha. A pre alpha calm down.

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Sounds like CPP needs to work on the mesh colliders for objects. Mesh collider can be scaled in many directions. A mesh collider is what gives the appearance of solid ground when the ground plane is merely a a flat plane that the player would fall through without the collider,

Basically, when a players ship flies through a planet or star while warping, the ship doesn’t stop because the planet or star does not have a mesh collider assigned to it.

Mesh colliders also allow rocks to be slippery or dry and can be assigned a value of either the player, ‘sticking’ to the rock or ‘sliding off.’ A mesh collider also allows cheap trap doors, trap doors without graphic mechanics to be added to the game. You’re running along and suddenly you find yourself under ground and in a tunnel without an overhead trap door. You simply jump up and then forward and you are on solid ground again.

Mesh colliders also allow ground resistance, such as snow, ice, mud, dust and even quick sand to be added to the game.

So, yeah, the problem is most likely the mesh collider values aren’t set properly, a Dev probably used the same collider for a rock that was turned differently that caused the collider to match the rock facing to not match up properly.

CCP = Can’t Code Properly.
CCP = Can’t Collide Properly.


Yes, it is pre-Alpha. Calm down in response to my post as CCP asked for the criticism. Relax. Chill. Take a deep breathe.

Played some more tonight. CCP has brought gate camping from Eve Online to an FPS shooter and made it worse. LOL!

Nothing but campers camping the objectives. It was Camper-On-Camper violence the entire time. Maybe someone was Last Camper Standing and managed to pick up the loot to complete the objectives - or more likely - a camper sniped them.

CCP needs to make up their minds as to what they want Vangaurd to be instead of trying to pile everything into one FPS. Either go the Halo Route with teams or go the Fortnite route with Battle Royale or perhaps introduce different types of matches.

Sure, they are trying to do an extraction shooter also. However, people are playing FPS GATE CAMP instead because CCP.

Relax. Chill. CCP asked for the criticism. Calm down.


Probably. I remember when The Outer Worlds came out. Small issues there that was annoying at times. As an FPS in Alpha, not a bad job.

IMHO however, Vangaurd is more like GATE CAMP FPS PLANET. As I mentioned in another reply, it was nothing but people camping the objectives with nothing else being donw. Quite a few kills tonight after I realized I could not complete the objectives due to all the camper-on-camper non-stop violence so I simply indulged in slaughtering the campers myself.

I wouldn’t play a game like that for long. Halo is far better at objectives. However, that is apples and oranges at this point.

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You cry a lot about campers.


You cry about people crying about campers :slight_smile:

As an extraction game, it is terrible. Admittedly, it is Alpha but the direction means it is still terrible if Crouching Camper Playstyle (CCP) keeps going in that direction.

However, knowing people camp the objectives means killing lots of campers instead of completing objectives :slight_smile:

Much easier than a killing campers on gate camp in Eve Online… Ah, just craft lots of energy ammo.

CCP should rename Vanguard to “Crouching Camper, Concealed Corner” LOL. I wiped out a few campers in Camper Campaign Playistyle who crouched in corners. After awhile, it gets BORING. Vanguard will bite the DUST514 if CCP keeps with this playstyle.

CCP needs to decide on one genre and stick with it. This Battle Royale Extraction Camping Objective First Person Shooter just does not play well ever. Halo did it well in another fashion. Hell, Star Wars Dark Knight was tons of fun on the LAN. Counterstrike, a classic. Ark has its niche. Fortnite, The BR End All. They all stick to one thing at a time. Halo splits it up by letting players choose their game.

VanCampgaurd? Not so much. I don’t think the developers even know what they want Vangaurd to be other than some vague statement. Hopefully, CCP rolls out an excellent product. Otherwise, once again, DUST514.


Get good.

sounds like you indeed just need to git gud

ended up with more than 4mill playing with randoms and never got myself that stuck nor camped, there is one place near the beefy npcs that can get you stuck but a bit of jumping gets you out

and about recoil, its an smg basically, so just get closer and its fine, also did i mention about getting gud?

if you are not used to extraction shooters then its fine, instead of complaining about it just get more experience, good feedback will be like “hotkeys dont persist after restarting the game, would like to be able to keep my settings” “at the last day seems like there was some issue with players spawning next to each other, there should be some fixes to respawning to not allow 2 different players to spawn too close to each other” “getting the 100% of the money of contracts straight to wallet seems a bit op, make it a percentage in wallet, and another in the actual run so we have to use the terminals to transfer money a bit more often”

just saying “duuh gun terrible i cant land shots, campers camping what do” isn’t the best feedback, you cant just do F1 in vanguard and get kills


I don’t know why some 15 year old do not understand the concept of an alpha test…

If you don’t know that what you see ist not final and that it will change because you never did one before…fine…


Mic drop…

That’s an awful lot of projection

Campers are easily dealt with…just one simple afk test every 20 seconds or you get unlogged…:slight_smile:

At least one player was a happy camper then. :crazy_face:

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People are given the impression that vanguard is pre-alpha but the game is most likely not going to change much from this point on.

You serious? March update brings mining prototype with handheld miners for a start.

June update brings new exploration/industry oriented map, weapon customisation and persistence.

Do you not follow Vanguard devtalks on EVE web/twitch/discord?

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We’re getting a mining prototype next month and a new map in june.

It’s true that the base concept of going down to a planet and running missions and killing other players is the concept they’re going for, but there’s a wide variety of what it possible within that framework.

Furthermore… this is just one game mode. It would be very easy to develop a more traditional faction vs. faction game mode for the purposes of sov warfare or taking of infrastructure (such as stations.)

Also consider that this image suggests they do want to build the sandbox into Vanguard, and that it’s not just going to be the game mode we’ve been shown thus far. Now, maybe that’s just marketing spiel, but we’ll have to wait to really see.

Finally, consider this image. The first image I posted is the Q2 vanguard playtests. The Q3 playtests take up a sizeable portion of the image, and suggest a potential significant update. That is of course speculation, but it’s a distinct possibility.

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Depending on how its implemented it can be a nothingburger and knowing CCP thats what im betting on


Do they consider Vanguard in its current state to be a world building FPS and sandbox?

But you can’t be sure and I don’t see a point in divinating a failure.

If you have doubts and some constructive feedback on what could be done better it would be more helpfull than doom and gloom.

the current state us polishing core FPS experience like gunplay, movement, map building and such.

More content will be added with time.

But first things first

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If there was noone being vocally pessimistic they would not have an incentive to prove them wrong. So i am the best Vanguard critic rn.

But of course you know as well as i the point is not to deliver a great game that will speak for itself. The point is to pretend the game is great so people who cant think for themselves will pay you money :slight_smile: Too real?

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