EVE Vanguard Panel Notes & Discussion

Wrote some notes on the panel recorded by Dennie Fleetfoot that might be useful to some folks.

Video: (CCP asked Dennie to take his video down, so I’m assuming the panel will be uploaded soon. Will update with the official video when its up)

  • Capsuleer clone is not transferrable to Vanguard.
  • Capsuleers are “the elite”
  • Vanguards are “the grunts”
  • Vanguard clone will effectively be your “fourth character” in your Omega subscription.
  • Vanguard clone and EVE clone can be active at the same time, on the same account.
  • Will be local region servers that provide lowest possible latency that connect to the server.
  • CCP Rattari said that region locking will prevent you from playing with your friends all over the world. Update: CCP Potato Battery and CCP ShortFall clarified on Discord (and I think in person at Fanfest). The region lock currently is a soft lock based on connection capabilities. See below for details.
  • Current game tick rate is 60Hz.
  • Shooting, looting, scanning… mining?! Not just a “shoot them in the face” type deal which is encouraging because they’re specifically not limiting gameplay to a very specific playstyle.

“We’re not an extraction shooter. We drop into the planet, we do contracts, we decide when we want to leave.”

  • Death isn’t necessarily a loss state in Vanguard unlike other FPS games.
  • How you get off the surface of a planet does not determine whether that was a win or a loss.
  • Squads might be smaller than Dust initially.

“It might be that the first objective is to build mining infrastructure on the planet. Set up mining rigs, landing pads, and that might be a shared experience to gather resources. Then the objective could flip. Others come in and it could be about defending your territory or even taking someone elses stuff. Peaks and troughs in terms of numbers of people.”

  • The EVE alliance system will apply immediately? Not focusing on developing tools initially, but rather let it form organically and see how it comes together. Would be nice to get clarification on this…
  • Not going into details on progression. They say you’ll grow as a player when it comes to skills and that there will be a thread that will pull you through each deployment. Doesn’t sound as if they’ve figured all that out yet, which is fair, its still early days.
  • On the playstyles, they’re not creating “hard classes” that funnel people into particular play styles. But people who are more focused on exploring, on industrial operations, they will also have a place in vanguard.
  • Recommended system requirements will be subject to change, but because they’re using Unreal Engine 5, and particularly, Nanite, it does sit on the higher system requirement end of the spectrum. CCP PotatoBattery said that a machine from 2018 onwards, so modern Ryzen or Intel, you should be fine. On the GPU side of things, that probably means RTX 2080+ / 6800XT+ or above given my own experience with UE5. Currently Windows only.
  • It will be possible to extract mid session to a waiting capsuleer or a POCO or whatever.
  • You can reactivate your old Dust 514 character name. Doing their best to recognise the history behind this one big story. Will be some Dust and Nova lore behind it all.

If anything here is incorrect, let me know here or on the official EVE Discord and I’ll fix it.


Region lock clarified. Doesn’t seem like it’ll be an issue that we’ll have to worry about. Thanks to CCP Shortfall and CCP Potato Battery for the clarification.


Capsuleers are “the elite”
The avant-gardes are “the grunts”
Very Napoleonic ! They will be able to say: “I was there!”

The EvE Alliance System:
Will the presence of troops on the ground be taken into account in the attribution of sovereignty? Total or partial ?
Possibility of loss of spatial sovereignty while retaining sovereignty on the ground ? And the opposite ?

Urbanization: Creation of housing, defense systems, commercial premises, purely Vanguard ? The junction being in station as currently for 2 pilots.

Mining: Vanguard brings better yield or new minerals ?

Vanguard, playstyles: With roles? Leader, scout, marauder, support, observer ? Different weapons ?

Ground travel: Vehicles planned :truck: ?

[ Translated by Google :fr: / :uk: ]


Great job!

I did miss some important details.


@Gothikia Thank you!

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I hope we also get Campaigns for things like big soveignty slugfests. When a particularly big battle is going on or developing, Vanguard could aid on the planet by providing additional fire support (planetary guns like in the EVE Forever trailer) or hacking enemy infrastructure (Pharos or Ansis to shorten (attacker)/increase (defender) DPS caps or in the opposite way lengthen/shorten vulnerability timers or RF timers (opposite way again).

Or other things that organically become available depending on conditions in the TQ cluster. That would bind Vanguard well into the EVE experience and make it a valuable part of it and it gives you something to do when you are stuck in 10% tidi with 10 minute module cycle times.


Massive disappointment, i should be able to use my own name in the game and not have to have a 4th character, they have time to correct this so i implore you to do so CCP


Nice, Ilike all these

Recently, I suggested having a 4th slot character, a character with it’s own accelerated progress and I was attacked in the forum and someone called the idea stupid

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Thank you for this. Can already see RP implications.

I don’t mind doing a new character. I always wanted to shift to Warhammer 40k. :sweat_smile:

this would be a bummer, i will definitely not upgrade only for this game based on what they have showed yet. hopefully my 6800 will be enough to have at least somewhat decent fps in 1440p with reasonable settings.

looking forward to get more infos about vanguard

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Unreal normally scales pretty well in terms of hardware,

It depends how much they push certain features i would assume

Honestly your 6800 at 1440p should be just fine. I’ve done a few experiments with UE5 with Nanite on an ASUS Strix G15 AMD Advantage Edition laptop. It has a 5800HX and a 6800M in it at 3440x1440 on my ultrawide and when it got really intense, it got down to about 15fps, but normally it was around 25-30fps. On a 6800XT it was completey fine. I’d expect a 6800 and maybe even a 6700XT to be good enough, but we won’t know until December. It all depends on where and how CCP optimizes it.


Yeah I was hoping for that too. If we’re the elite, I want to swan down to a planet and oversee the peasantry :joy:

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I don’t know but honestly, I want that. I want boots on the ground, massive armys and ground infrastructure to actually count for something. I don’t just want a warclone that does my bidding because I’m the highest bidder.

What I really want is for this to eventually be a consequential part of the EVE Sovereignty system.

Another thing that I really want is to be able to use this to raid my enemies. Par example, if I have my eyes on building up an empire and taking a region, then I want to be able to use the warclones to distrupt the money making operations of the place that I’m planning to invade. I want to be able to use warclones to put my enemy on the back foot. I want this to have so much meaning that they’re forced to respond, activate their own warclones or themselves go down to the planets and moons to respond to my attack. I want this to be a really nice distraction where it could have enough impact that a decision between defending planetary infrastructure and orbital infrastructure has to be made.

And I hope we don’t have timers for planetary infrastructure. I want to be able to send a team in with explosives and blow stuff up.

Still, early days and I’m sure they’re probably still considering what kind of gameplay this could enable. But one thing is for sure. We need to have the integration be really tight.


The one they refer to as Frostpacker will explore such planet surface and we together shall find time to make use of that new Adventure to become indefinitely the 4th person POV

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To be fair as an elite it makes me want to grab a rack of 1400mm arty’s and just bomb the ■■■■ out of them lol

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That too! :smiley:


I can understand why. That would add more skills we would have to train on our pilots where as vanguard are not capsuleers so they wouldnt have a need for spaceship command etc or other skills that we need

Not really you can have 2 different skillqueues, you’re not going to be managing those skills from within EVE anyway, CCP could do it if they wanted to

Not being able to use my actual character is a real hype killer for this unfortunately, i allowed it for dust because it was a console game and they weren’t using the same login system, but this is built from the ground up to use the existing logins and isn’t locked behind a console paywall so there is no reason anymore


Being capable of using warclone bodies as capsuleers would be inconsistent with lore. Our consciousness resides in our clone body and is not stored on some external device. It is all thanks to a burner scanner our heads are placed in the pod. Upon clone’s death our brain’s state is scanned down and transmitted to cloning bay for reconstruction.

Warclones have no burner scanners and their consciousness resides in the warbarge’s supercomputer and remotely controls the cloned body. I think Paragon’s IRIS uses similar technology. Warclone’s consciousness can become trapped inside the clone if the warbarge is destroyed or too far. More details here.

Hence you need a different character. Who knows, maybe CCP will upgrade the lore by some (SoCT ?) discovery and will exchange the capsuleer technology entirely to warclone tech? Imagine, no more pods required? Yuck, canned in the egg all the time :confused: