More Vanguard Feedback

Quite a good game, lots of potential!

A couple things I noticed:

  1. Some environmental fog effects are still quite strong at low settings. Can be dialed back even more to increase performance on mid-tier and low-tier rigs. Texturing in general should be dialed back so computers back to around a 1050TI and equivalent can play (like apex, halo, etc).

  2. Missions system is interesting but overly difficult in knowing what to do. For example, the one mission that requires you to collect 30 data items and put them into something I gathered enough items 2 times in the same round (died once and cloned) and couldn’t find where to put the electronic parts in and I walked around the map for a solid 20 minutes ready to cash in.
    This can be rectified with better map / mission support/integration.

  3. Speaking of the map, opening it while running makes the map shoot forward because it’s also taking input from the movement keys. Make map mouse only to correct.

  4. Some keybinds would not stick after exiting the game and coming back in.

  5. I won’t get into que modes at the moment given everything is still super beta, but hopefully there will be a few different que options soon with a fully supported solo que with multiple play modes.

6.Console support? This needs to be on XBOX X and PS5, hands down.

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If you open your map, you’ll see the drop off location. It’s a blue chest. If it’s not there, then it’s a ui bug.

I had heard there might be plans for this, but not for launch. It will likely depend on how successful the game is.

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