Vanguard Feedback

The graphics are amazing but I feel like they put all their focus on what the game looks like and didn’t play around with basic stuff to find out what is unique and fun, the actual gameplay is ok ish but I don’t really find it fun.

I don’t really feel like I can try out different strategies.
I don’t feel like I can work toward’s anything meaningful.
There is no risk/reward its just shoot shoot shoot and for what purpose I’m not actually sure?

The game runs fine if you set it for max graphics then manually set some of the stuff to medium then you get it to look good and run 60fps but if you set it to absolute lowest everything you get 15 fps? I think something is broken in the graphics settings.

Would love to see much more technical game mechanic’s that add more depth and strategy something like resource management for your suit (Energy/o2) Maybe if your o2 starts running low you start breathing loudly giving away your position and because of it echoing in your helmet you yourself cant hear much else giving you a major disadvantage. Maybe if energy starts running slow your suit goes from super quick movements to more of a sluggish pace.

I think the default movement is pretty slow its the same as a normal human but we are what 20 000 years into the future? We would be using combat boosters and mechanical assist to increase speed and make combat more challenging and fun.

I’m not the biggest fan of shooters in general, I used to back in the day’s with cs and unreal but I think those genre’s are so old now that people are bored of them.

A game that I ended up playing to death thou was empyrion on a pvp server you harvest resources to design your own ship’s/vehicles and bases and test your designs against each other in pvp it was too modular imo which made it extremely laggy in 20v20 battles but freaking hell the pvp was amazingly fun while your fighting your trying to run around your ship manually repairing it as its literally falling apart. The more redundancy you add to your ships the longer it lasts in general and players had to figure this out slowly over many itterations of ship design’s then you have to balance thickness of armor vs weight in different areas of the ship these types of design challenges really add to the enjoyment and longevity of the game.

The game was not very well known and the start of the game never really showed off any of that so most people never got to experience something like that but I think it would be a hit in a Vanguard setting with Eve minded players that enjoy strategy and tactics.

But anyways Vanguard has a great base to work from the gameplay atm is not for me but I can see that it would do well in a few years time good luck guys.

What I expected vs what we got…

I expected this FPS to work like this. you play normal eve you fly to special vanguard stations and undock. this undock transitions you to vanguard on the planet doing your FPS experience until you undock from that station that character is in vanguard. re-spawns from the station ect. things that effect that system also effect vanguard pirate insurgency’s etc.
This fully immerses the player into the experience and keeps the game world intact.

What we got: Generic FPS ripoff only from the same launcher as eve more of a waste of energy and time than Project Discovery. Looks nice but has no substance.

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