Eve Vanguard Feedback

About 2 hours ago the servers shut down, bringing a close to our first taste of Vanguard. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and am impressed with how functional the game is seeing as we have only known about its existence for a few short months.

I am very experienced in FPS games, with most of my game time outside of Eve Online coming from Apex Legends. I invited my Apex friends to join me for the test and they were also surprised with its functionality this early in development. Overall I logged about 3-4 hours on the game over the weekend and here is what I have come up with:


The crashed Bowhead freighter was a very exciting and dramatic place to be. It screamed Eve from its scale, it’s sounds, and it’s creepy clones spread all over the map. The graphics were very good overall, though my friends and I couldn’t help but laugh when we looked at each other walk. The movement animations could use some work to be on par with the world around them.

Combat mechanics

The firefights I got into felt very good at mid-range. In close range scenarios they felt a little clunky and with the wreckage having lots of small enclosed spaces I found myself wishing I had another weapon or grenade. At far range the weapon was difficult but still useable, with my farthest kill on a player being at around 200 meters out (he was AFK). I think the biggest problem with the combat is the weapons ADS or HUD. It’s wide FOV and seemingly infinite range means I found myself using it more as a scanner than a weapon sight. For me, it gives away too much information and spoils the sense of mystery, any sense of stealth or skill. I feel this should be ditched for more traditional weapon optics, and a separate utility item put in place for surveying the area around you.


I felt that the contracts in the game were decently fun to complete, and they each had me traveling around the map to new unexplored areas. However, they all lacked a sense of importance. I didn’t really know why I needed to complete them or why they mattered in the end. I think in order for the game to be successful, this needs to be addressed and the sense of how this all ties into Eve Online cranked up to max.


Extracting from the map was way to easy in my opinion. I was expecting it to be very dramatic but in actuality it was just us standing in a circle after 30 seconds. It shouldn’t be impossible to do, but it needs to be a little harder than it was. I was never attacked while extracting and each time I saw another team extracting, I could not get to the site quick enough to fight them. In a final game, I would really like to see an actual ship or extraction vessel drop from the sky and your team to load onboard.


A fun game with a lot of potential and good bones. I can’t wait to see where it goes and hopefully, see it integrated into Eve Online closely.

@Kat_Aisele is probably right for an experienced FPS multiplayer gamer. My experience was completely different.

I’m not experienced in FPS multiplayer gaming. The ones I have liked the most have been ones where there was a way to learn how to control the character, navigate the area, and accomplish tasks. Vanguard has none of this. I was dropped in a strange, but detailed, environment and couldn’t move, look around, shoot (intentionally, I shot a lot by accident), find objectives, or accomplish anything. There was no explanation of what the changes to the settings did, although I managed to get some measure of control by trial and error. The only time I was included in a pick-up group was the first time, and I had no voice or audio to my teammates. After that, I waited for connection, but they never happened. About the only thing I could do with any ease was die, which I did a lot.

This may develop into a good game, but I probably will not play it. I think FPS is fun when the object is to solve a puzzle. The puzzle can be how to accomplish a goal without dying. It can be how to work with a team to complete a contract. I just don’t think FPS is much fun if the only goal is to kill other players.

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