Vanguard complaints

I find the lack of controller support disturbing. In addition to having no use of my right controller stick, the default resolution was set to 1024x768 and all settings were on low in windowed fullscreen but the frame skipping and control jitter was atrocious. I don’t understand how this was released in the state it’s in. There’s no progression, there’s no mission, and there’s no explanation for anything. Typical CCP. Here’s your gun, fk you. I was under the impression there would be an event. The only event I’ve experienced today was running around some wreckage and having my butt handed to me repeatedly while attempting to understand the objective. Not to mention the biggest ball was dropped when they decided to force you to make a new character. I’ve already invested over 10 years into my main and now that there’s an fps module in EVE I can’t grab a rifle as my main toon? At least I can remember when you could walk around in the station. Shame that that and Dust never went anywhere. Hope CCP gets the lame removed from Vanguard soon, because I want to like it, but I just can’t with the level of disappointment I feel after trying it.


Yea tried it for about 2 hours, no real idea what I was supposed to be doing, no real indicator on progress outside the mission area, money seeming to be this new credit instead of isk, seemed to do okay as far as frames, but it just feels like a combination of death stranding and apex legends, if you took the most boring parts of both and put them together


Because when they discontinue Varguard it is going to be easier for them to remove characters with different names. It is all going according to plan. Now it is time to milk your €€€€ before clossing the alpha trial.


I choose to look at the bright side buddy. Now I can go play Path of Exile’s new season releasing today without feeling like I’m missing out on anything.


So … I played a few rounds.

The gun play is fine.

Game looks OK.

Performance is 5/10. Random FPS drops.

But what are we doing there? Except randomly killing each other.
I am suppose to click CAPS? ( Caps lock ? ) to find a contract and then - do something?

Unless its a sandbox MMO, I assume we have a goal to be doing something there?

Yeah, dont contoler stick in mouse/keyboard dominated game. You will get PWNED.

I am sub - par BF player and could take squads of 3 people with relative ease. Because their aim was crap. But then you find that one guy that can aim ans I am - 1,2,3 dead.

part of controller integration is the ability for people with disabilities to remap the controller support to their easier-to-work controls, this is basic game design, but tbh eve online already doesn’t do it very well in the first place so why should eve vanguard, I’m not saying your wrong on M/K controlling the current fps meta, but people do have their pref’s

I just get error messages.

You know it’s just a TEST :slight_smile:


Testing out a tech demo. :wink:


Well I gave Vanguard a try but its just not for me, my question is how do i uninstall it. I tried looking for a uninstall.exe but can’t find one.

Coming from an fps background i will say this. The guns in a futuristic space world should not be worse than the guns of today. The recoil is actually wild. The AR fires like your hip firing an mp5 or a machine pistol. Also, the one map i tried looked very very cool, but outside of looks is design was just bad. Ammo is far too limited and by the time you kill one or two people you will be dead because you never get time to craft more ammo or pickup quickly from dead guy(if you even can pickup from one).

Picking up anything solo is suicide, All the stuff you need to get has limited or no cover and enemies spawm/come from all directions.

There’s too many menus to thumb through with the amount of threat you take from enemies, and what your supposed to be doing isnt clear, there isnt even a basic training level to start off with. It’s rolled out with less tutorial than quake 1996. Pretty much all the menus look cool aswell, but are functionally just terrible. Why cant i click an item when i hit capslock with my mouse? Where are the weapon loadouts and customizations?


Well its alpha so it can only get better ( I hope) installation no option to throttle download speed, no option for installation directory, has the look and feel of a rushed release.
no tutorial or information on objectives.

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I enjoy PoE, and tried to get back into it now, but I just hate these stupid “events” which are bloating with each season.

I just want a PoE classic with no bloat… I am waiting for PoE2 for now.

Note. I do enjoy resets, but these events in each area are pissing me off and it is breaking immersion for me. Also these out of nowhere instant oneshots are bad design.

Vanguard even runs with Linux. Well, sort of because unfortunally CCP forgot to enable EAC in Proton/Steam. As soon as you get on the ground, you will be kicked bcause AEC is not turned on.

So no Vanguard for Steam-Linux Players yet.

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Unsupported RHI or FeatureLevel inferred. This game must be launched with support for D3D12 and SM6.

Chosen: D3D12 (SM6)
Default: D3D12
Preferred: Not Set
Forced: Not Set (Not Set)

how i fix this ?


are you running a Nvidia 1xxx series gfx card ?
im told i cant play it on my GTX 1050…

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i get same msg im running GTX 1050…
and some say 1xxx cards cant run it…
But funny that my 970 can

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GTX 1660

u got to play? i want to play but it keeps telling me to get omega i did get omega and it still says to get omega i just wana play =/

Edit: readding account fixed my issue