EVE Vanguard

Members of the Vanguard will fuel the war machine of New Eden in new ways, adding corruption to the frontlines, delivering vital resources to the EVE economy, and completing contracts that turn the tide of battle. Serve the Vanguard, or serve those who seek an advantage in the raging wars of EVE Online. However you choose to align your loyalty, your actions will have consequences.

Are you excited about the new FPS about to hit EVE Online in the next few months?
I am! :smiley: I signed up for updates and early access today and I can’t wait to try out what CCP has concocted for ground battles. Also hopefully be able to send feedback and congratulations.

I think this expansion will do a lot of good to the game, the dev teams and CCP in general. If done right, this has the potential to be a huge deal.
There is more info here:

Check it out! Signup! Support the devs!


I think I’ll wait with an opinion till we see it in action and we all play/try it.

@Aisha_Katalen You’re right. Still, if done right, it has the potential to be a huge deal. All those players who want WiS will not only be able to just walk but also run and shoot.

@ISD_Traindriver Didn’t notice there was already a couple of threads on the subject.
Could you lock/delete this redundant one?
Thank you!!
( And thanks to all ISD for the work you do )

I haven’t seen anyone say yet what ( if any ) extra cost is involved. Will it be part of the standard Eve subscription ? Additional subscription ?

According to another post, its the 4th character on an account and can be online same as another character on same account

Will the regular ( i.e 3rd ) character be able to shoot the landing ships that are used to carry people’s 4th char to the planet ? Will there be some point in the atmosphere regular ships cannot go beyond to shoot ?

I don’t know but it had better be.

Better not be.
I’m not paying two subscriptions for one game. But if it’s CCP’s plan, they better wait a couple of years before another increase, for the sake of the game.
Although I would love for the Alpha accounts to be blocked from using Vanguard. I hope it’s only available to Omega acounts. But I won’t throw a hissy fit if it is anyway.

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Omega only



Vanguard clone will effectively be your “fourth character” in your Omega subscription

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I did read that in Gothikia’s thread, which contains tons of info. That is why I wanted this thread closed. It’s redundant and really not needed.

Closed by request of the Op.