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Why would eve vanguard be only for those that have omega? Isn’t that limiting the player base of those that just wanna play a fps? Did I miss something? Seems kinda backwards to make a FPS game and then not have anyone that plays the fps genre to not be able to play and test it out. I would think most that are currently omega pass holders probably I don’t know are playing eve online for that and not vanguard?

there’s at least two vanguard threads up, suggest retitling this “vanguard monetization”

my guess is the devs want to keep it small while they work out launch kinks

i think its unlikely that FPS players will pay omega rates only to play vanguard

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Well when they had posted it up on their site it stated sign up for vanguard then I got hit today with an email only for omega players… like wow nice bait and switch. I think they should just have a beta like every other place it gets a lot more feedback than just a few. Plus if they make it complicated with gear building like dust 514 the fps players will just not play it. All they want (and myself) is a cool futuristic shooter like give me gun i go pew pew pew I don’t wanna think about having to build my soldier so now I get to wait and hope …

They said this when they announced vanguard. This is factually wrong.


Yeah…even my kid was only down to buy 1 eminem skin for the hype around this weekend. he doesn’t get stupid with skins. Amazing things happen when you tell teens sure they can buy it. With their money. They buy less lol.

CS 2 side…they got me for 1 skin for 1 weapon. I can give them some new money for the new release. loot box frenzy…hell no. A few years in wow reaffirmed what I knew already. RNG hates me. Its not paranoia if its true.

This…even fps I liked for a bit aren’t worth a monthly sub. Hell they aren’t worth premade pay per month private servers. If need be I’ll google the handy dandy install tools for the server app install if applicable.

I mean, they could just charge $15/mo for Vanguard and left EVE at $15, but now we have both for $20…as they have said ever since they increased the sub prices.

I recently paid $119.02 for 12 months omega or $10/mo with the 20% off sale. That is as good a rate as I’ve ever seen since 2005

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I just did 6 months. Summer is a few planned camp outings that make 2 almost 3 months spotty as hell for play time for me.


Be a smart consumer. Buy In bulk ^^

Sadly, being poor and not being able to afford bulk purchases will keep you poor. :cry:

If you are giving CCP 20$ a month something is very wrong.

ngl simply training SP even if you are not actively playing EVE is a huge benefit.

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