Will players need to have Omega to play Vanguard?
I looked at the website and on this forum but it isn’t stipulated.

It looks like initially, yes, but this doesn’t look like the final pricing model.

Starting in December 2023, all Eve Online players with an Omega subscription will be able to play Vanguard in its First Strike mass test for free for a limited time.

“all Eve Online players with an Omega subscription will be able to play Vanguard in its First Strike mass test for free for a limited time”
How do they figure “for free” when Omega is a paid subscription?
And if it’s for a limited time for Omega players, will we have to pay for Vanguard on top of the Omega time?

Also your reply seems to suggest that Alpha pilots won’t be able to play Vanguard.

So, it’s unknown until it’s known. I don’t expect Alpha pilots to be able to access Vanguard. It was more curiosity.
Thank you.

My understanding is that Omega accounts will have full Vanguard access on release. It won’t cost any more than the regular sub.

I don’t know what Alpha account access will be like.

Probably still to be determined, depending on how successful Vanguard turns out to be. My guess is: will be off limits for Alpha for a few years… or never. Only CCP knows.


So are we about to additionally become the “New Vanguard Players Q&A”?

To take part in the First Strike event in December you will need to have an active Omega account. You can then access EVE Vanguard via the latest version of the EVE launcher.

Perhaps here you’ll find some pundits who may tell you how the future will be:

Vanguard is part of EvE so I would expect questions about Vanguard to be handled in the EvE Q&A, yes.

Prognosticators, eh?

I’d rather say it will be standalone game with a completely different playstyle and mechanics, so there should at least be an own subcategory.

Not when it’s on the EvE launcher, not when you have to log into EvE for it. CCP calls it a “module”. A ship’s module belongs to the ship, it’s an integral part of it.

If you play in Vanguard does it have to be as a pirate supporter?

If CCP were smart and had plans to expand the player base, maybe making it F2P would draw more people to the ship side of EVE…

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Its NOT FREE at all. You still have to “buy” “pay” for omega sub. Once again, if you think this Is free… youre stupidly mistaken. Hahaha on top of people being dumb thinking that it is free… its a test… you know test if it will even work. Their are plenty of FREE games like this that is in tests. I’ve play this 1st day and sooo many bugs. Maybe a few years it’ll be great. No idea why they took the acually FREE Dust 514 offline but this Vanguard still is a pay to play and it will be the end of the game since its not free i garentee that. Just saying. Go back to the idea of dust 514 on the ps3 and acually do what you guys say and make it free. “Tests” should always be free to have people write in and let you know whats wrong to be able to fix the problems… the bugs out in the game… not to be asking people to pay to work for you guys. Lol. Who ever heard of paying someone to work for a company and the employee has to pay to work. Be smart. This is 2024… I know, but people are not compleatly dumb… yet. Lol :laughing:

Does anyone know why Vanguard would be installing in Russian language when my account & location should be in English?

I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled 3X and can see no way to change this.

Currently unplayable for me until this is resolved as I know zero Russian.



I found the setting to change the default install language in the launcher settings under the gear icon, upper right.

Hope this helps someone else with this issue.

See you guys planetside o7

(I’ll be the one repeatedly getting sniped by some 12 yr old dweeb lol)