Vanguard First Strike - Downtime (Concluded)

Vanguard First Strike playtest will be taken offline at 14:00 UTC to resolve an issue. We hope to have the playtest back up and running 30 minutes later at 14:30 UTC.

Apologies for the short notice. We will update you here and via the vanguard-announcements channel on discord.

14:18 - Vanguard is once again open and accessible. Apologies again for the short notice of downtime.


Keep up the good work, and thanks for all the pew pew!



During Vanguard downtime we will mostly be discussing rocks. Feel free to join.


Igneous rock,
Why dost thou smother my home in firey goop?

Laying waste to land and farm.

Yet once thou hast harden, green twigs sprout.

The Earth renewed.


Vanguard is once again open and accessible. Rock discussion has finished. Apologies again for the short notice of downtime. You guys rock!*



Is there oxygen in the maps First Strike takes place? if not how do the things burn? Insert Val Kilmer meme

Granite rock,
So big and strong,
Towering pillar of might,
Mountain of intrusive igneous.


diorite is the best

Out of interest, How do we actually uninstall Vanguard?
I’d like the 20+gig drive space until the next time.

Sadly I couldn’t even get the game loaded. On the new launcher download status the downloaded amount kept jumping up and down. It would say downloaded 9gb/12/gb and then a few seconds it would jump to 2gb/12gb. Just kept doing that for hours.

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Nice, I like the sarcasm.

Well, I purchased an Omega account but the new launcher says that I am still an Alpha account. Is this a glitch?

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I got it to install but it crashed on startup for me every single time. I gave up in the end but I can’t work out how to remove it other than editing the registry myself :confused:

Most detailed rock I have seen. :joy:

Those two huge sensuous boulders are such a satisfaction to look at!

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Just imagine if they were made of ice instead. :wink:

It's fine as those will do as my new new desktop bg for now


Or maybe made of killright.

That would trigger gankers more than permits and ganking triggers miners. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :blush:


It’s not that hard to get rid of a pesky kill right. Especially those that are set open to the community for 0 isk…