[Complete] Extended Downtime Notification - 1 November 2023

Hello everyone,

There will be an extended downtime on Wednesday, 1 November for work on the EVE Online launcher support. (We will be working on activating the EVE SSO JWT Token again.)

We expect this work to take up to an additional 5 minutes beyond the regular downtime end time, and estimate that the server will be available at 11:20 UTC.

PLEASE NOTE that TQ will be brought back online as soon as the work is completed which can be ahead of schedule of the previously mentioned downtime.

Updates of the progress will be posted here and if the update time exceeds this window it will also be posted on the EVE Status Twitter and Status page.

11:00 UTC: Update started.
11:07 UTC: Update complete
11:08 UTC: Resetting and testing affected systems
11:13 UTC: Finishing up, we should be ready to Tranquility into VIP mode shortly.
11:14 UTC: Starting up in VIP now.
11:15 UTC: Boot successful, TQ is now in VIP, performing final tests.
11:23 UTC: VIP Disabled. Tranquility is live!

Edit: If you are having issues with logging in following this update, please restart your launcher and try again!


The main thing is don’t break anything, smiles merrily MEOW


This whole endeavor seems to go swimmingly.

Vanguard launch button wen? :slight_smile:
I know i know …tomorrow :sunglasses:

Good luck and may the Overlords of Eve grant you a successful update…


Singularity, when? Asking the real question here.


Never, they going to turn it for special testing events’ for short pediod and shut if off again.

Bring back Singularity for Christs sake. :innocent:


Singularity, I agree.

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CCP: “Oops, I did it again…”

Chats are again not working. :joy:

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Agreed. Singularity was a great tool to have in EVE to test some mechanics and new ideas. Shame on CCP for taking this tool from players.



the ole turn it off and turn it back on again trick eh? Worked btw

Chat is broken again - similar to yesterday :slight_smile:

Edit: Fixed now!!

I wonder if they are ever going to do anything about the fact that chat doesn’t work for like 10 minutes every morning, or do we just need to get used to thing slowly breaking down.

Man it was nice back in the day when CCP would explain what was going on with the servers when things were not working quite right.

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My bet is that these issues are CCP shadow introducing delayed chats and they test how much people are willing to put up with in this regard.

Retry again, maybe you tried too early, servers weren’t up completely… (was <1000 online when I tried and it worked, multiple accounts)

For some reason the download is very slow 200kb/s…

My main account won’t log in but my alt accounts logged in just fine.

3 restarts and still not working