[Complete] Extended Downtime Notification - 1 November 2023

getting disconnects…

Local isnt accurate

It’s not working for all alpha accounts. All my omega have logged in, all my alphas have this issue. Can’t even grab dailies.

Actually nevermind, two of my omegas can’t log in as well. It looks like accounts created in less than 1-2 months ago cannot log in, as I’ve got these 2 omegas created at the same time as all the alpha ones.

^ @CCP_Zelus

Restarting the launcher did not help.

Try a relogin - remove your account and re-add them?

Thanks I can confirm this helped. To be clear, I did not remove it (cause I didn’t find how to do that, using Beta launcher), I just re-added it again (by using Add account button). This fixes the problem.

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restarted launcher and pc… made map not read only in windows settings

launcher settings locked

Launcher beta has this “Logout all users” option in settings:

…it could be of some use in case of login issues :thinking:

did all the above recommendations
still getting this message


If you have sufficient space and you’ve tried the “Fix permissions” option from the folder and it’s still unresolved, it might be worth trying the new launcher - Download the free EVE Online client (launcher) for Windows or Mac to see if you have any success.

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Local did not work correctly all day long, phantom doubles all over nullsec


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