[Completed] Extended Downtime Notification - 2020/08/11

Hello everyone,

Please be aware there will be an extended downtime tomorrow (Tuesday, August 11) for some database updates, including updates for ongoing tiericide changes.

Downtime may last for up to 30 minutes but as always if work is completed sooner TQ will be back online just as soon as its ready.

Updates will be provided in this thread and on the EVE Status Twitter account.

Update: Tranquility back online and accepting connections as of 11:21 UTC. Fly dangerously capsuleers.


Thank you

Can’t wait to see what happens.

eltXWzs Less LAG…Less LAG…


Can Venture might get to use 3 turrets?


I’m in! Back up already!

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The extended downtime is 24 hours from now.

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To be fair, I can understand announcements like these are confusing for people who live in UTC+13&14 timezones xD (although I doubt there are many) Especially if they’re bad readers or English isn’t their native language :stuck_out_tongue:


Hop onto JITA.CHAT and have a little chat while the server comes back to life.

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That’s great to hear! But this notification is for tomorrow :sweat_smile:


How many new, not yet communicated at all with the community yet, changes can we look forward to this time?


Yet more nerfs to mining I bet

does the metaliminal storm update come tomorrow with that dt?

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Fixed the chat issues yet ??? Everyday the same tihs log out log in 10 mins later chat gone again

How about we all just calm the F$*k down and be grateful CCP bothers to update the game and keep in touch with their playerbase. Most MMO’s don’t thus their incredibility short life span, if you think eve is bad you should try things like the linden labs MMO secondlife or a host of other platforms that would take me longer than the character cap here to write.

@Developers Your doing a fine job, keep up the damn good work!


Tq very much

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Yeah, it it great that Eve gets regular updates and I do commend the developers for what they have managed to do and how much they have managed to engage with the community. However there is still a lot of work to be done, and in a game where there are no do-overs and things have lasting consequences and it can sometimes take a long time to revisit changes, it is very important to make sure changes are good ahead of time and have been tested, and unless there is a compelling reason why that can’t be done (and those moments should be kept to a minimum and still tested even if not by everyone), this sort of thing should be public, transparent, and tested.


Gracias! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thank you Developers keep up the great work.

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You both have good points keep in mind though with today’s computers writing their own code as well, which developers oversee via apps etc we are now in “I-Robot” technology era where not all code can be tested fully in scenarios until its deployed to the public. Making the speed of response time with solutions by the developers key. With “EvE” team they have an excellent protocol and live time monitoring system in place, in my experience on gaming on the web, compared to other equally big and in some case bigger names.