[Completed] Extended Downtime Notification - 2020/08/11

Have to say this did make me laugh :rofl:

At least CCP lets people know about downtime changes and updates. Imagine if they didnt? Things would be chaos… CHAOS!!!



I’m hyped to see that some of the armor modules are actually getting buffs to make 'em worthwhile.




Keep the Dream Alive !! No More Red Dots. Thank you in advance.


Yes please! What I saw on hoboleaks was very cool indeed. Keep it up!!

Hopefully they will give us a mining drone for the ALPHAs and don’t let the rockets take ore from the planets and give us a bigger mining ship with its limitations for being ALPHA but we have one. Cordially greetings.

Yeah, no, if you want access the the full game you’re going to have to support the game with a subscription - paid yourself or by PLEXing via ISK. An endless free trial has to have limits or nobody pays and the game shuts down due to losing money.


Thank you

Sorry but what Alphas get is quite fair.

No other game I’ve come across has quite the ‘free trial’ that EvE has and Alphas can do a lot with it for as long as they want.

If you want more then you’ll have to actually support the game and go Omega. :slight_smile:


-Extended downtime

OH NO . . . .

-Up to 30mins

. . . . . :neutral_face:

Thanks for the 25 hours of notice, btw. Greatly appreciated! ;D

More nerfs to mining would be sad. But on the upside i just bought a mining ship and mining buggy in Star Citizen. So after 10 years of playing eve, if CCP nerfs to much more which has already cost me billions in losses in planetary moon mining. Ill just go start a new career there in SC. Like most vets we are just sick of all the ■■■■■■■■.

keep up the great work o7

i would love to see that happen lol

I was literally 11 seconds away from completing a quest :frowning:

Well I don’t know how long you’ve been playing, but the game has a downtime at 11:00am EVE time every day. So if you’re 11 seconds short on something, that’s on you :sweat_smile:


very true

Less than a week, for me it’s 11PM. Second time ever I’ve built something, had to build 20 and it took an hour and 20 mins, but that was 11seconds too long… I thought there would be updates on when to expect it to be back up?

We’re starting back up now, should be back online in juuuust a minute here…

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