[Complete] Extended Downtime Notification - 31 October 2023

Hello everyone,

There is a small chance of extended downtime again on Tuesday, 31 October. Following yesterday’s network update we are going to switch over the EVE SSO JWT Token today.

We expect to be able to complete this within the regular downtime window 11:00 UTC - 11:15 UTC, but this process may take up to an additional 5 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE that TQ will be brought back online as soon as the work is completed which can be ahead of schedule of the previously mentioned downtime.

Updates of the progress will be posted here and if the update time exceeds this window it will also be posted on the EVE Status Twitter and Status page.

11:01 UTC - Update started
11:13 UTC - Update deployed
11:15 UTC - The update has been reverted again
11:17 UTC - TQ starting in VIP
11:18 UTC - TQ Online in VIP
11:20 UTC - Testing on TQ ongoing
11:21 UTC - Resetting the SSO
11:25 UTC - VIP Removed

We’re aware of other issues extending beyond this post - a separate thread will be created now, but please keep an eye on https://status.eveonline.com/ for more updates.

A separate forum thread has also been created: Chat Issues and login.eveonline.com Issues - 31st October 2023 - #4 by CCP_Zelus


no update today ??? - it is tuesday

It’s currently going through the update :slight_smile:

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Go, CCP! you are rocking!
Give me a “C”!
Give me a “C”!
Give me a “P”!
C, C, P! :yum:

They are just trying to scare us because it is Halloween!


Funny Eve Status on X hasn’t updated in 3 weeks. Last post was Oct 3. So much for CCP caring

Noone cares about X

what’s X?

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And well deserved for X…


then don’t post a link in this thread saying go there for updates

Can I finish my croissant before TQ goes up?
Edit: (Croissant gone)

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they already do update the thread anyways i think it’s just habit

Не заходит из России

the launcher doesn’t like that update.

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Cluster not accepting connections

VIP mode enabled

The orange dot is to represent Pumpkins!

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1 player in TQ… God: The creator… o.o

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Might as well get a second one.

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