Frigate Racing

Yes… I said Frigate Racing. And it’s fun and something different to try in your Corp perhaps, or just with friends when you are sick of grinding rocks or pew pew.

The Rules… (These can change as you like)

Use T1 Frigates only. They are fast and they are cheap.
Fit purely for max sub-light speed and performance.
Use a jump clone with no implants (Keeps things fair).

The Course…

Take 4 freight containers and place them wayyyyyy out in your space to form a huge square. Label them as Pylon 1, Pylon 2, etc.
Pylon 1 is the start / finish.

The Race…

A timed race or just a flat out race with your friends. Just ready set go, and kick in that oversized MWD you somehow stuffed in to that poor T1 Frig. As you pass each pylon, set for the next one, and so on till you have passed the finish line.

Tip… There are actually a few ways to pilot a fast Frigate around these pylons. Swinging wide can see the slower ship get in under you to take the lead, so practice practice practice to find your racing style.

Idea… Want to have it out with that enemy corp but sick of losing ships? Invite them over to a grudge race.

Have fun. :sunglasses:


Now you just need to post where this is happening so others can come and gan…watch you.

Why would anyone bother ganking an unarmed T1 Frigate?

Ohhhhh (Laughs) I forgot. Easy target. The old “Rats in a barrel” thing and that whole “I’m too scared to try ganking in any place other than HS where ppl might actually shoot back”

Blah. You try to do something good and someone always just wants to tear it down just because they can.



This was my banner on a kill board for years

Sounds pretty fun alright. A few of us have been talking about reviving what the old Eve Racing League used to do. Which was something like this.
-Everyone forms up in certain high sec system.
-A high sec destination station is announced, simultaneously with the word “Go!”
-Shortest route is through low sec. PVPing other racers is allowed. Getting killed in a random pirate gate camp is also allowed, of course.
-First few to dock up in the destination station earn prizes.
-Different classes of races: frigs only, cruisers only, T1 destroyers only, unrestricted, etc.
If anyone is interested, let me know. If enough people are interested, we’ll work on making it happen.

Edit: Or just Like this post.


What would the prizes be?

I can throw in an Immolator as a prize long as I make at least 500 mil in entrants fees.

100 entrants at 50 mil a pop at the chance to win a 500 mil Immolator isn’t a bad trade off.


Even more fun - BATTLESHIP DEATH RACING! The rules are:

  1. you must have -5 sec or worse

  2. any battleship fit however you like

  3. the course starts in low and ends in low, but must be long and through high sec, something like Perbhe > Amarr > Jita > Jan

  4. last man standing wins. if you make it through the whole course, that’s a double-win. entering the last low-sec system is considered completing the course, as long as all established high sec waypoints are completed.

  5. other than “follow the course waypoints”, there are no other rules, and contestants are free to run the course how they choose (eg. blap each other if they want) after the first jump into high sec.


Im not sure a 2500+ m/s Condor actually qualifies as an easy target tbh.

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-10 flashy fritter racing through hi sec. NPC’s web you on the gates,. 26 jumps on sisi was my record with my main so far.

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The old racing league used to charge an entrance fee of around 10mil, I think. That would probably be at least 15mil in today’s isk. Prizes came from the entry fees. We could probably wrangle up some donations though. Thanks for the offer mate! Could also have different levels of entry fees/prize amounts (a range from newbro to space rich).

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We have our first variant/specialty event!


Rules would be:

  1. No warp speed or alignment modules.
  2. All battle ships have to be fit for PvP combat.
  3. No smart bombs allowed to be fit the battle ship.
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Why not space football?

  • Two teams with 11 players each.
  • Two goals.
  • One freighter or an Orca as the ball.
  • The team who bumps the most ships into a goal wins.

And for Americans, who don’t like our football, but prefer their own version of it:

  • Additionally every player has got the suspect flag.

I think a timed Scavenger Hunt race would be cool.

Just need a list of various items that the participants must get without purchasing them (Beg, Borrow or Steal). Could even make it a Team effort.

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There has been all sorts of racing in EVE throughout the years, from corvettes to frigates to haulers. I’m glad there are still people picking it up and reinventing it!

I remember flying in the warp racing league back in the day. At that time it was the Interstellar Racing Championship [ISRC] if I recall correctly.

It was fun how many pilots were willing to participate in such a dangerous format. They would give you a location in a low sec system and a password. Then you would fly there to find an audit log container and inside would be the name of the next system.

Let me tell you, orbiting around waiting 20 to 30 seconds for an audit log container filled with bookmarks to load up while other contestants may or may not be shooting at you is pretty intense.

It seems like eve-inspiracy has copies of the old wiki pages about racing.

I remember one event, it was not so much a scavenger hunt, but a d-scan competition. There were containers anchored a few thousand kilometers off grid, and you had to find them and fly to them using the directional scanner and a really fast ship.


Frigate racing hmmmmmm

How about you get some fresh air?

Nice! How did they put the name of a system in an audit log container?

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You can copy a bookmark into your inventory and it becomes an item. So you just make a bookmark and name it whatever you like, such as the name of the next system, and then put it in the can.

The idea was that the audit log container was filled with bookmarks, and when you took one out, it created a log entry, so the judges could verify that you had visited every checkpoint along the way.

Of course, there was always the possibility that some smarty-pants would steal all the bookmarks (but then his fingerprints would be all over the log, of course), or simply shoot down the can. But this was all an accepted part of the aggressive racing format, and they had people on standby to keep track of what was going on, and re-route racers to skip checekpoints and such when necessary.


Should defiently add webs and neuts into the equation to spice things up somewhat.

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