Federation Grand Prix - Event Feedback

(CCP Falcon) #1

The Federation Grand Prix is ongoing, and this is the thread to leave your feedback on the event!

The Federation Grand Prix celebrates Federation Day by giving you the opportunity to prove that you’re the fastest pilot in New Eden! Race across the galaxy and compete against the clock as you fly past some of the most iconic sites, systems, and wrecks in known space. You can claim great rewards for every event milestone reached, and you will face a new race course each time you compete.

The Federation Grand Prix runs from June 12th to June 26th. Feel free to discuss it here!

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Grand Prix
Stuck with Postouvin in the Grand Prix race event
(Janosh Kovacs) #2

Dear Whoever Is Responsible For The Latest Grand Prix Event,

F… you.


(Ronnie Rose) #3

what happened?


(Janosh Kovacs) #4

Nothing lost besides time. This event is beyond stupid.

(Ronnie Rose) #5

Oh, is this the event where there are campers with smart bombs killing participants?

(Janosh Kovacs) #6

Campers and smart bombs I do not care too much about. I do know how to avoid and/or survive that. And even if I get caught I won’t cry after a cheap travelceptor. It’s just the event itself. Flying to a destination which apparently not always is a beacon or station but something not visible on the overview unless you are on grid. And all that on a short timer which is not visible anywhere besides that crappy Agency window.

(Dyver Phycad) #7

The rewards are pretty nice, but the constant traveling back to Luminaire is … :face_vomiting:

And fully agreed with Janosh. The execution of the event is benevolently described as lackluster. Lanngisi is tricky … and Pashanai is wth is the Pashanai monument?

Considering that you want to showcase your fancy new and totally bovine waste propaganda structure models, you should definitely have put more effort into this event. You did not even put that thing up on the starting point where most people would see it. And the target selection is very limited, too. 5th time to Lanngisi now. The way it is, however, it is a perfect representation of Upwell structures: Unrewarding, Unfun, Absolutely annoying and Extremely Tedious. So, good job, I guess. :slight_smile:

(Nana Skalski) #8

I am happy, made 80 M ISK taking stuff from smartbombed frigate wrecks in Luminaire starting point.

(Tipa Riot) #9

Agreed, this is a ■■■■ event. Pure time sink based rewards (no skill involved) and encourages mass creation of Alpha alts.

(Shuckstar) #10

Cannot even be bothered to fly to Luminaire to try this event :slight_smile:

(Arthur Aihaken) #11

I’m up to 23 points after about an hour or so of jumping around. If I can keep this up for a few days and manage to avoid sheer boredom I should be able to complete the event.

Could be worse. I could be stuck on a gate running endless smartbombs in the hopes of snagging a hapless shuttle.

(Ezra Endashi) #12

I hoped that this event would include some MWD or Afterburner usage and navigation skills while flying subwarp speeds :smirk:

(Arthur Aihaken) #13

But that would involve actual skill, some planning and foresight…

(Dyver Phycad) #14

I would have settled for an actual race around the cluster to a variety of monuments, landmarks and other sites. An actual race and not this paddle-ball game.

(Arthur Aihaken) #15

An actual race would’ve been cool.

(Sugar Smacks) #16

Everyone can do this event even with some pretty minimal skills. You don’t have to do losec runs, you choose to. Gankers are necessary to keep people from running 10 accounts full of shuttles. There definitely is more pvp, with the vast majority unconsentual. It also seems to make a basic effort to show some of EvEs history.

I think trying to fill a event where everyone doesn’t have to shoot something over and over and everyone can participate with added pvp is probably a challenge.

(Sugar Smacks) #17

btw anyone know where the Pashanai monument is? It doesn’t have a beacon.

(Ezra Endashi) #18

I use Leopard, insta warping shuttle with 20AU/s warp speed. Whenever I warp to low sec beacon, I instantly warp off to a safe place and than set my next destination…

(Arthur Aihaken) #19

It’s at the Pashanai III station (Ministry of War). As for the Leopard, do you know how many have died to smartbombing ships in the last 24 hours? And I’m not just referring to low-sec.

(Nana Skalski) #20

Someone yesterday repeatedly posted in Luminaire local channel that every Leopard will be destroyed on sight.