Federation Grand Prix

(Rhom Achensa) #1

Not sure how new the event is, but upon reaching the second desto in the grand prix, it didn’t recognize I was there and didn’t award me any points. When the timer ran out it directed me to the starting line.

(Amak Boma) #2

event sites not in luminaire anymore

(Lhord Yeva) #3

I couldnt find this event around Black Rise… Perhaps because it’s a Gal event, doubtful… Is it still live or under construction…?

(Amak Boma) #4

agency tab does not show up this event aswell - strange

(Shipwreck Jones) #5

I posted a write up on the event at my blog A Bad Show (For Bad People).

(Arthur Aihaken) #6

@Shipwreck_Jones Thanks for the excellent write-up.

They should have loot boxes or rewards for successfully reaching your destination. While I’m all for anything different - this particular event doesn’t sound very exciting. Especially having to run the gauntlet of gate camps. Short of a tanked Covert Ops cruiser, I see a lot of smaller ships dying to smartbomb camps.

Think I’ll stick to Abyssal pockets.

(Merlin Rocketman) #7

always keen to try new stuff in Eve
but 6 hours in and i see 5 pages of kills in one one of the Low sec systems on one of the common routes - all down to smartbombs

easier than shooting ducks in a barrel…


(Tecros Shtemerk) #8

Saidly but Eve was, is, and will be gank fest, all other activities are “for carebeers and lame”


(system) #9

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